Natural History Museum Curator Becomes ‘Shell-Ebrity’ With Mollusk Tik Toks

February 2020
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A recent blog post from Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency Responsival, titled "What the Hell is TikTok?", notes that "of all social media platforms that are popular today, TikTok is perhaps the one that perplexes older generations most."

Responsival's Katie Visco said, because advertising campaigns on the app are so expensive, it's best used to promote brand awareness. However, she doesn’t necessarily recommend every company or organization invest time and resources into making content for the platform.  

“If their goal is to reach an 18-year-old audience and they want to be growing their brands awareness, then of course they should start a TikTok,” she said. “That’s where their audience is living. They’re living on TikTok. But if their primary target audience is 35-year-old females, and they don’t make a lot of video content, maybe Pinterest or Instagram is a better resource. That’s where that audience is going to live.”

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