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This is your area to submit help tickets for your website and get in touch with our Client Success team. Let us know if there is anything at all we can do for you. We appreciate you being a part of the Responsival Family!

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Read some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Have another question? Contact us and we'll be in touch with an answer asap!

Requesting Site Changes

Contacting us

The best way to reach us is by emailing either or

We’ll respond to all emails within 24 hours. Any upcoming out of office time is always marked at the end of our Client Success signatures so be sure to keep an eye out if we don’t respond promptly.

How to Submit a Request

We have an online ticketing system that helps streamline the process of asking for updates, additions, or any other kind of site changes.

When you submit a ticket, it immediately alerts your Client Success Manager and is faster than emailing or calling us. Don’t worry, though — it’s still getting you directly in touch with your Client Success Manager who will see your request through.

To submit a request, click the
Client Support button in our footer or visit

It wouldn’t hurt to bookmark the page so you have it on hand!

Request Details

Please review the information you’re sending us to make sure it is complete, accurate, and free of any errors. Please make sure you are sending files the way you want them displayed on the site. This allows our team to avoid extra rounds of revisions that could hurt your timeline and prevent inaccurate information from being posted on your site. Please note that code should be sent as an attachment rather than pasting it directly into the form.

For complex requests sending a video screen share describing the request can be beneficial.

Request Priority

We aim to complete basic tickets within (2) business days, sooner if possible. You will hear back from your Client Success Manager within 24 hours to confirm.

Please remember each request is unique and will take more or less time depending on the complexity or amount of work. It also depends on how many other requests are ahead of yours in the queue.

To better serve you and our other clients, we have a field on our service ticket form asking you when the request needs to be completed.

This helps us prioritize urgent work. If something is going to take longer or if you select “mini project”, we will be in touch to let you know when things will be completed.

Out of respect for our team and the rest of our Responsival Family, please only use the urgent option when something is truly urgent so our team can focus on requests that are extremely time-sensitive (e.g. anything that directly impacts your business). We know you want all requests to be addressed quickly, and we will work to make sure every request is completed as efficiently as possible.

Providing Files and Content

For some updates, you may need to send us files to get the job done. Any time text is involved — whether it’s code or a blog you want us to post — please send it in a Word document or Google Doc so we can easily transfer the information. Code sent as part of the request details will not transfer over when you submit the form, so this is critical for code-based requests. If you need to send a lot of files, please send a zipped file or a link to a folder with the files using a file hosting service (e.g. Google Drive). File names may not carry over when you submit the form, so please be as specific as possible with your instructions if you have multiple files so we can ensure accuracy.

Response time

Please note that our business hours are Monday through Thursday 8-5. We do not work on weekends unless a very urgent situation arises (e.g. responding to a crisis or emergency event). We will respond to your ticket within 24-48 hours of receipt. Tickets submitted through the support page are added directly to our system, allowing a faster response time than those emailed to a Responsival team member. Tickets submitted after 1pm on Thursday may not be addressed until Monday. If you feel you may need to make updates faster than that, please contact to discuss giving yourself Editor access to your site, which is included in your plan!

Update Approval Process

When we are working on updates for you, we will send you a preview link to review the changes before publishing so you can provide feedback on our work. This is a chance for us to have a meaningful discussion about what you do and don’t like, so please be as specific as possible when explaining what you would like to change. Some like to send screenshots where they circle what needs to be changed, while others like to send samples of what they want the update to look like. Giving specific feedback helps us help you!


Paying an Invoice

You can pay an invoice online using with us via several methods:

First, if you received an email with your invoice number and balance, you can click "Pay now" in the invoice email. You'll be brought to a secure checkout page where you can pay via credit, debit, or ACH.

Second, if you prefer to pay via check, you can send a check to our mailing address at

1750 Highway 160 West, Suite 101, #181, Fort Mill, SC 29708-0008‍

Finally, we do accept Wire Transfers. If you prefer this method, please contact and arrangements can be made.

Setting Up Autopay

Would you like to set up an online account with us to track your historical transactions, download PDFs of invoices, change payment methods, and set up autopay? At the bottom of every invoice email, you'll find a "Registration" link where you can click to register for an account. Our payment portal is secure and your information will be protected.

If you are having any trouble or can't find the link to setup an online account, please email or your Client Success Manager.

When to Reach Out

Updating Your Site

Updating your site periodically is key to making sure it is the best it can be. Even if the site is working just fine, checking in with us now and again to see if there are any ways we can optimize or update your site is critical. You can also talk about this with us on our monthly check-in calls with you!

The internet is always changing, and so are the tools and techniques that we use. We might have a better way of doing something now than we did when we built your site — or we might have a cool new solution we can incorporate. This will make sure your site is not only up-to-date in terms of technology, but is also meeting the current needs of your business.

Remember: A website is never truly finished.

Important Things to Look For

Even if we don’t need to make adjustments, it’s good to take a look at your website every few months to make sure the information is up-to-date. Are all of the people on the staff page still working there? Do they need new photos? Are there links that don’t work? Have you changed the price of a product? Did you get a new phone number? Making sure the information on your website is current and accurate is essential.

Keeping Us Updated

Businesses are always evolving, and we’re here to help you through that. Any time there is a significant change to your business, please reach out to see if there is anything we need to change on your site. Remember: business changes can impact the goal of your website, who you want to reach, and the information your customers need.

Please be sure your contact information with us is up-to-date at all times. Having outdated information on file could impact our ability to serve you.

New Logins

Information that you periodically change may be critical to us being able to serve your needs. For example, when you update passwords for logins relevant to your site (e.g. your registrar), please let us know so we can update our record. Having outdated information on file can cause delays on time-sensitive updates.

New Primary Contact

If you are changing who will be your primary contact with us, please update us as soon as possible so we can introduce ourselves, add their information to our log, and share anything they may need to know. This is especially important for billing purposes or if you receive monthly reports.

Contract Termination

Ending Your Contract

Not to be a downer, but there may come a day when you need to end your contract with us. No matter the reason, we are happy to help you through the process so all loose ends are properly tied up.

If you need to end or adjust your contract with us for any reason, please contact your Client Success Manager as soon as possible to discuss next steps. We do require a thirty-day notice for cancellation of plans.

This includes if you decide to have your site redesigned with another company. If this happens, you need to reach out to us so we can end your billing, make sure your domain is ready to be passed off to them, and get any files that they may need. If you don’t reach out to us, we will not know that you need to end your billing and you will continue to be charged — nobody wants that!

Some things to consider if you need to end your services with us include:

  • How long does the site need to stay up?
  • Do we need to make an announcement on the website (for company closures)
  • Are there any other changes we need to make to the site to reflect this closure/transition (e.g. no more gift card sales)
  • Do we need any files from the site?
  • Do we need any login information from Responsival?
  • What timeline do we need to follow to make sure the website doesn’t go down as we transfer site ownership?

While we’ll be sad to see you go, we’re here to help you with the transition. Keeping open communication with us through this process will make it as smooth as possible.

Still have questions?