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October 2020
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To promote communication between local businesses within our community, we want to provide you with an opportunity to engage our fans, reward your customers and connect with other local businesses through the Alliance. In this edition, we highlight Responsival with a Q&A.

Q: What do you consider your local community?

A: Although we work with clients across the USA, Pittsburgh has always been and will always be our home. Being headquartered in Shadyside and having several founding members living in the city, we always will feel a deep connection to the local community. Responsival started in Shadyside in 2014. Bryan Brown, our CEO, began building websites for local businesses by walking up and down Walnut Street while an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh.

Q: How are you making an impact?

A: As we have grown over the years to collaborate further with mid-sized businesses, we always remember how we started with Bryan walking up and down Walnut Street. We started to support smaller businesses in our community to help them adapt to the changing digital landscape, and we always will continue to support them in that mission.

Q: What are some new products/features that you recently developed?

A: We are excited to have recently acquired another digital agency, so we can now offer our clients advanced SEO strategies and influencer management opportunities.

Q: How have western PA graduates helped shape your culture?

A: As an organization, we pride ourselves on training the next generation of digital marketing, design and development specialists. We have an internship program that allows us to have a small, but hopefully noticeable, impact on students in the western PA region. We’ve built our staff from this program, as well as through our personal networks, at local universities: Washington & Jefferson, The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, Point Park, and several others.

Q: What as a company are you currently working on? What is on the horizon?

A: Responsival is excited to continue building and designing awesome websites and helping our clients reach their digital marketing and sales goals while heading into an exciting holiday season.

Q: What industries do you typically work with?

A: Responsival typically works with e-commerce, professional services businesses and small businesses across Pittsburgh and the USA.

Q: What do you want to achieve as a member of the Business Alliance?

A: Connect with other businesses within Pittsburgh, so we can be a trusted partner and resource for others who need help.

“Responsival’s primary job has always been to help our clients adapt to the changing world, so we were fortunate enough to continue to fill that need and grow our team to fit those changing digital needs, especially in the age ofCOVID-19.”

-Alexander Palmiere, Chief Financial Officer

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