20 Things To Look For In a Webflow Expert

February 2023
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Finding the best team for a website project is a daunting task. Building a website can be costly, so of course, you will want to find a partner that can not only solve your website problems but also design a site that fits your style and support your team after your site has been launched. When looking for a partner to build your website, here are some things to look for in a Webflow Expert.  

1. Compelling Case Studies

A Webflow Expert should use case studies to show their skills

Case studies page on Responsival's website

 Case studies showcase much more beyond just a pretty design. While it is helpful to see a vast portfolio of projects, case studies explain more technical expertise that goes into projects. Generally speaking, a case study from a Webflow Expert should explain a problem within a former project, how the company has solved it, and any results experienced after the problem was resolved. This can help you understand the company’s capabilities and understand if they can help solve your website problems as well. 

2. A Team Who Gets To Know Your Business + Your Needs

Your engagement should always start with a comprehensive discovery session

Young adults meeting and shaking hands

 No one knows or understands your business quite like you. And to get the help you need on your website, your Webflow Expert needs to take the time to get to know your business, your industry, your pain points, and so much more. Webflow Experts should always start the engagement with a discovery session to understand the nuances of your business and the pain points that need to be addressed. Without this level of engagement, you’ll end up with a half-baked website that may not check off all your boxes. 

3. Transparency Of Scope + Cost 

Make sure your Webflow partner is upfront about the scope and cost of the project before you start

United States currency

 When your Webflow Expert takes the time to get to know your business and understand your needs within a project, they can then provide you with an accurate scope and cost of the project. A good Webflow agency will be transparent when explaining the cost of the project and how long it will take. Of course, there will be times when unforeseen changes to the scope happen or certain circumstances can impact the scope and the cost. However, your Webflow partner should provide you with an accurate scope and always take the time to explain why the scope would change in any way. 

4. A Strategy-First Mindset 

A website strategy makes sure your project gets completed quickly and efficiently 

People looking at documents and a tablet on a table

 It’s difficult to complete a large, complex website build without a strategy guiding the way. Before any part of your website is designed or built, your Webflow partner should develop a strategy that touches upon all of your needs and ensures there is a plan in place to complete all of the components of the website build. The strategy will prioritize the components of development so the teams working on your project have a clear understanding of what elements they are responsible for, what needs a bit more attention in order to solve a specific problem, and when tasks need to be completed in order to stay on track. 

5. Expertise in Data + Analytics 

Utilizing analytics gives your Webflow agency a leg up when designing your website

people reviewing website data and analytics

 Data should drive decision-making when it comes time to build your website. Especially if your Webflow team will be working from an already existing website, the data and analytics associated with that site are crucial. From the data, your website designer can understand your audience, recognize which parts of the website are failing, and see the elements on your website that are driving success. That data can then be used to make changes to the website that are expected to fix those pain points shown in the data. Your Webflow partner must take an analytics-first approach to your website project. 

6. Strong Information Architecture Experience

A Webflow Expert should use information architecture practices to ensure your site architecture is optimized for conversions

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 Information architecture (IA) is the process of analyzing audiences and user journeys to understand how to develop site architecture that is optimized for conversions. IA combines SEO and UX best practices to understand the user experience and organize the content on the website to present complex information in the simplest way possible. Your Webflow partner should apply IA best practices when developing organization systems, labeling systems, search systems, and navigation systems. 

7. SEO-Forward Approach

Make sure your Webflow agency has a high-level understanding of on page SEO best practices

Google search bar

 You want visitors to be able to find your website on search engine result pages for relevant searches. The foundation for SEO success starts with optimizing on page SEO elements. A Webflow Expert should design and develop websites with an SEO-forward approach so that the website is properly optimized at the time of launch. On your website, an SEO-forward Webflow partner should consider the following on page factors that impact SEO:

  • Each page has unique title tags and meta descriptions.
  • The website has high-quality content on each page. 
  • Website content is organized with proper headers. 
  • Each image on the site has appropriate alt-text. 
  • Page URLs are SEO-friendly and help users and search engines understand site hierarchy. 
  • And more!

8. Thoughtful Content Outline Strategies

Your Webflow partner should develop a content outline that speaks to your audience and aligns with your goals

person writing in notebook while looking at laptop

 The content on your website is just as important as the design. The best Webflow partners can take the content currently on your site and produce a thoughtful content outline strategy that works best for your users. This can be developing page sections, doing keyword research to inform the approach to website copy, and copywriting with your audience and keywords in mind. With a thoughtful content outline strategy in place, you can launch your website knowing that your copy aligns with your audience and your goals for the website. 

9. UX/UI Web Design Experience

UX/UI expertise takes websites to the next level with user-centric design

person wireframing a website on a whiteboard

 A beautifully designed website is great, but there’s no point in a great design if it doesn’t work for your users. A Webflow Expert with UX/UI design experience will be able to craft a user-centric design that is not only stunning but also encourages conversions. UX/UI design experts take the time to understand your users and how they use your website. When it comes time to design the site, UX/UI designers can make design decisions that make the most sense for the purpose of your website. 

10. Design System Implementation

These guidelines ensure that everyone working on your website can make informed decisions

person typing on laptop

 Design systems are a framework for how patterns, elements, and styles work together within a design. Design systems ensure that designs are created with intention. Working with your team, your Webflow partner may create principles for everyone in the organization to follow so that when someone has to make a design decision or write content, it follows these guidelines. Whether your company already has a design system set in place or you need help establishing these, the right Webflow partner will have experience creating and implementing design systems. 

11. Successful Website Redesign Experience

Be sure your Webflow partner can redesign and refresh your website

People pointing at laptop screen and taking notes

 Not every website project is expected to be a complete overhaul. After launching a site, many businesses decide that a redesign or a refresh of the design is necessary to keep their website looking fresh. Because of this, you will want to be sure that your Webflow partner has experience redesigning and refreshing the design of websites. This way, when your business is in need of a refresh down the line, you will know that the project will not be as extensive as your initial build. 

12. Accessibility Standards Knowledge

Your Webflow partner should ensure that your website is accessible to all users

Website keyboard with a blue key that reads "Accessibility"

 Website accessibility ensures all of your users can use and navigate your website, no matter their abilities. When looking for a Webflow Expert to build your website, you should check that they are completely up-to-date with website accessibility standards and actively implement accessibility standards on their projects. WCAG standards show 4 principles to refer to when designing and developing accessible websites:

  • Perceivable - Visitors should be able to understand the information presented on the website. 
  • Operable - Visitors should be able to use and operate your website without disruption. 
  • Understandable - Visitors should be able to understand all of the content on your website, which includes written and visual content.
  • Robust - All visitors should be able to consume the content on your website, including people who use assistive technologies. 

13. Custom Webflow Development Experience

In times when no-code features aren’t enough, ensure your Webflow agency can support custom development

person typing code

 While, yes, Webflow is known for its no-code features, there still may be instances where custom code and development on Webflow is needed—especially for websites with complex needs. Webflow Experts should absolutely be skilled in the no-code visual page builder tools on Webflow, but they should also have experience with custom development. 

When searching for a Webflow Expert to build your website, you should ask about their expertise in using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Webflow. See if the company has any specific examples they can show you where a page on a site was custom coded. Not only should a Webflow Expert have experience with custom development, but they should also have a clear process for testing and troubleshooting custom code. Without experience here, you may pay for custom development that doesn’t even function properly. 

14. A Streamlined Timeline

Keep the website project on track with a streamlined timeline

calendar with red push pin on a date

 Every website project will have its own custom timeline. It can take weeks or months to build a website, but your Webflow partner should try to streamline the timeline as much as possible to ensure that you are not wasting time on the website build. The timeline should be extensive enough to give the team enough time to pay specialized attention to the project but short enough to get the project done as quickly as possible. With an agreed-upon timeline, you can keep your Webflow agency in check to make sure they are not wasting time on your project. 

15. High-Touch Communication During a Project 

A dedicated project manager will keep you in the loop about the status of your website build

project manager leading a meeting

 Depending on the complexity of the project, it may take weeks or even months to complete a website build. During that time, your Webflow partner must provide you with a high level of communication throughout the build process. Typically, this is done with a dedicated project manager who is responsible for making sure that you have adequate opportunities to provide feedback on a design while ensuring that the project stays on track. Your Webflow partner should always have a designated point of contact for you to stay in touch with during your website project so that you are always in the loop and the project is completed quickly and efficiently. 

16. Dedicated Client Support Post-Launch

Your Webflow Expert should provide you with a designated point of contact for support after you launch your site

Account manager talking to client

 After your website is launched, that doesn’t mean the work on your website is done. That’s why Webflow Experts must designate a primary client support point of contact after launch. An account manager can answer any questions you may have after launching your site. When it comes time for a large update, you should have a dedicated contact to assist in completing those updates. They can work alongside other teams within the company to make sure your requests are completed on time and meet the expectations of your team. Beyond that, dedicated support team members can give recommendations on how to continually improve the site. 

17. Website Maintenance + Support Options

Website maintenance packages can help keep your website as up-to-date as possible as your business grows

Person typing on laptop

 As we mentioned above, the work of maintaining a website doesn’t stop after a website is launched. As your business grows and evolves, you want to make sure your website evolves with you. That’s why Webflow Experts should offer some type of website maintenance and support options. Rather than leaving it up to your team to complete the heavy updates to your site, you can rely on your Webflow partner to help. This way, your team can ensure website updates are done fast and right. With a website maintenance package, you’ll also have the expertise of an in-house development and design team without the hassle. 

18. SEO Services Post-Launch

The best Webflow partners will not only build you a beautiful website, but they will also support your growth after you launch

Website URL in search bar

 While your Webflow partner should be able to lay a proper foundation on your website, there’s more you can do to help your website rank higher on search engines after your site has been launched. Partnering with a Webflow Expert who understands your website and can provide SEO support is invaluable. The most common off page SEO technique is link building. A link building strategy can help your website gain valuable backlinks on your website to help your pages rank higher for specific keywords. 

19. Webflow Education

Your Webflow partner should empower your team to manage what they need on the website

Webflow University
Webflow University is a great source to find courses and lessons on how to use Webflow. Image courtesy of Webflow

 There will always be times when your team needs to make quick, off-the-cuff updates to your website. In these instances, you may not always be able to rely on your Webflow Expert to make these changes for you. That’s why it’s so important that your partner takes the time to empower and educate your team to use Webflow and manage the site successfully. Plus, your Webflow partner should share valuable updates from Webflow that may change the way you use or interact with the platform. 

20. A Team Who Will Provide a Long-Term Partnership

Find a Webflow Expert who will give you long-term support after your website has launched

business people shaking hands

After your website is launched, you probably don’t want to be left high and dry. Instead, look for a Webflow partner who will provide a long-term partnership and post-launch support for your team. Whether your team needs help maintaining your site after launch or developing SEO strategies to get your site to rank, your Webflow partner should act as your partner to ensure you have all of the support you need. 

Searching for a Webflow Expert that checks off all of your boxes can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. When you start your search, be sure your agency of choice can support the needs of your project and will provide you with support after you’ve launched your website. Thinking about making the switch to Webflow? Our team at Responsival has 7+ years building Webflow websites and has the experience necessary to support your needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bring your website ideas to life.


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