8 Brands That Are Killing the Social Media Game

December 2020
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Managing your company’s social media accounts can be exhausting. In a way, you need to function as a jack of all trades among copywriting, graphic design, analytics, and strategy. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve fallen into a rut with your strategy, you aren’t alone. That’s why we’re offering some fresh + interesting social media accounts to serve as inspiration. From GoPro to Canva, we’re offering a wide variety of brans that span across numerous industries. Check out our marketing assessment on our top 8 favorite social media accounts now! 

8 Brands That You Need to Start Following on Social Media ASAP

Responsival’s digital marketing team offers a quick social media marketing assessment on its favorite brands

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Stuck in a social media slump? Take some inspiration from these top social accounts. 

1. GoPro

grid of gopro instagram page
GoPro successfully markets its high-tech cameras while also associating the images of a blissful + adventurous life with its products. 

Stunning photos, user-generated content, and a branded hashtag are all hallmarks of GoPro’s award-winning Instagram page. While GoPro is a camera company, you’ll notice that the physical product rarely makes an appearance on the page. Instead, viewers are treated to all of the gorgeous images they can capture with their GoPro. Not only do these high-quality lifestyle images appeal to the viewer’s sense of adventure, but they are also a testament to its durability + versatility. 

2. Glossier

tweet from glossier twitter
Glossier successfully stays on top of the newest social media trends while staying on brand. 

Understanding the needs + interests of your target audience is key to creating content that speaks to them. Thanks to its online listening strategy + clever social media campaigns, Glossier enjoys a large cult following on its social media channels. By paying attention to what people were saying about them, they could engage with their audience while also learning more about the lifestyle + products they desired. 

3. Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel Tik Tok page successfully follows new best practices. 

For most brands, Tik Tok is the equivalent of the Wild West. But the Discovery Channel manages to pull it off. By using popular sound bytes + following Tik Tok trends, the Discovery Channel offers a wide range of entertaining + informative content. Whether it’s a preview of a new show or a quick bite of interesting animal facts, the Discovery Channel’s Tik Toks are incredibly fun + delightful. 

4. Gymshark

photo grid from gym shark instagram feed
Influencers, workout tips, fitspiration, and more color Gymshark’s Instagram page. 

When it comes to analyzing the wild success of athletic apparel brand Gymshark, two words come to mind: influencer marketing. If you scroll through their Instagram, you’ll see some of the most popular fitness influencers in the country sporting their stylish clothing. For brands like Gymshark, influencers can help them establish a sense of authenticity + authority. From time to time, Gymshark will also post workout exercises for viewers to save and try later. The occasional motivational post is also thrown in there. 

5. MailChimp

mailchimp linkedin post featuring snowboarder
B2B social media marketing does not always sound glamorous compared to its B2C counterparts, but MailChimp makes it work. 

Unlike Gymshark + GoPro, MailChimp doesn’t always have the luxury of enticing prospective customers with inspirational lifestyle images accompanying their products. But it can act as a thought leader on digital marketing best practices. On LinkedIn, you can find interesting + insightful articles on digital marketing. 

colorful grid of mailchimp instagram page

Its Instagram page also features original content on MailChimp’s clients, digital marketing capabilities, and company updates. The informative content + attractive graphic design come together to create a fun + engaging page. 

6. All Birds

all birds twitter showing photo of two people running
All Birds doesn’t just focus on its apparel in its social media, it also focuses on a lifestyle that its target audience collectively aspires for. 

All Birds is another popular brand that can teach marketers a thing or two about social media marketing. In addition to its stylish + environmentally-friendly apparel, All Birds actively advocates for living a more sustainable + eco-friendly lifestyle. Throughout its social media pages, All Birds successfully maintains a balance between advertising its products + establishing itself as a leader in sustainability. 

7. Canva

grid from canva instagram page showing colorful posts
Canva shows users what they can achieve with the program through its colorful + inspiring Instagram posts. 

Canva is another fun company that knows how to play the social media game. Its colorful + creative graphics not only show viewers everything they can do in the app, but they can also serve as inspiration for their customers’ own social media posts. 

canva instagram grid showing colorful video previews
Canva also takes advantage of Instagram TV to teach viewers new features on Canva + offer insightful tips. 

8. Slack

screenshot of slack facebook page featuring post of man in green sweatshirt
Slack is another popular B2B company that successfully engages with its audience on social media. 

Slack, a popular messaging platform for businesses, knows that its capabilities extend far past basic communication services. Since the start of the pandemic, companies have turned to apps like Slack to help workers stay connected. In response, the company continues to update + add new features to help workers adjust to their new WFH lives. Slack uses its social media accounts to showcase new features, publish company updates, and answer FAQs about the platform. 

One of the best things you can do for your social media strategy is to learn + draw inspiration from leading brands in your industry. Need help getting started? Contact the team at Responsival to start planning an award-winning strategy.

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