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From Complexity to Clarity: Empowering CLEAR’s Team With Webflow Components

Facing a complex and intimidating Webflow configuration, CLEAR turned to Responsival for a solution that could match their dynamic marketing needs with ease. Our use of Webflow’s Components transformed their approach to website updates, providing a user-friendly, error-resistant component management system that allows the CLEAR team to more confidently work in their Webflow site daily.




Team Members

The Client

CLEAR kiosks in the airport

If you’ve traveled by plane anytime within the last couple of years, you might have noticed a new line in security with kiosks and some friendly faces—CLEAR. 

CLEAR acts as a middle ground between pre-check and standard security. Using biometric identification—your eyes and fingerprints—to verify your identity, CLEAR sends you through your security checkpoint much faster. 

CLEAR is not just at airports, either. The company has extended its identity verification and security measures to healthcare providers and financial institutions as well.

Client Needs

CLEAR’s dynamic marketing strategies require their team to frequently update their site. What may seem like a simple task became a source of apprehension and frustration for the CLEAR team. Their website was too complex and their team, with limited Webflow experience, was terrified of breaking the site by making even a minuscule update. 

The situation underscored a critical need: a robust, user-friendly website management system that would allow the CLEAR team to make updates effortlessly and without fear of errors, ensuring their digital presence could keep pace with their ever-evolving marketing needs.

Our Solution

Leveraging Webflow Components

Responsival leveraged Webflow’s cutting-edge Component features to craft a solution tailored to CLEAR’s requirements. 

Webflow’s Components are dynamic, allowing us to define the unique properties—or “props” as you might hear a developer say—for each instance. 

Components allow you to construct customizable blocks using elements and their child elements. These blocks can be reused throughout your site, enabling you to update all instances of a particular layout from a single location rather than revising each one individually. Or, you can also adjust recurring layouts by changing the text, images, videos, or rich text elements. This approach maintains overall design uniformity while allowing each instance to display unique content.

This meant we could provide CLEAR with a set of reusable, customizable UI layouts, drastically simplifying the content update process and mitigating the risk of site-wide inconsistencies or errors. 

Building a Custom Component Library

CLEAR Webflow Components on mobile

We crafted a custom toolkit of Webflow components specifically designed for CLEAR. The collection included a wide array of components, each featuring customizable properties with easy-to-input customization that requires minimal Webflow experience to maintain. All of our components follow a Client-First classing nomenclature, allowing easy and instructive understanding by the CLEAR team at the semantic HTML level.

These custom components act as a set of building blocks, enabling the CLEAR team to construct and update their website’s pages with ease and confidence, fostering a sense of autonomy and security in their website management needs. 

Training and Translation

The best tools are only as good as one’s ability to use them. With a video walkthrough and a bit of practice, we quickly brought CLEAR’s team up to speed on utilizing their new component system. Equipped with the right tools and knowledge, Responsival’s solutions empowered the CLEAR team to update their website with agility and assurance, keeping their digital presence as dynamic and innovative as the services they provide.

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