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Deconstructing The User Experience With Adwerx

AdWerx came to us with three separate subdomains across different platforms and a thoroughly disjointed User Experience. We not only unified their domains to one site on Webflow, we dug deep to hone in on who they served, what they offered to them, and how to convert them.




Aug 2023

Team Members

The Client

Adwerx stands as a dynamic digital advertising platform tailored for real estate and mortgage professionals. Leveraging the power of Adwerx, professionals in these industries can launch personalized and hyper-targeted ads, transforming their digital marketing efforts.

Client Needs

In an industry where precision is crucial, Adwerx’s website struggled to communicate exactly what the company offered, who it offered it to, and how it’s done. Despite offering an easy-to-use self-service digital advertising platform, the Adwerx website was more complex than it needed to be.

Adwerx had multiple domains and platforms, making it a challenge for users to navigate through their site and find information. Unclear messaging behind their offerings combined with confusing navigation and a lack of cohesion caused a major disconnect for their users and often left them with more questions than answers. Instead of self-sufficiently using the Adwerx platform, users often found themselves reaching out to an Adwerx representative to better understand everything. Adwerx needed help bridging the gap between its tools and its user’s ability to leverage them effectively.

Our Solution

Right away, we knew that simplifying Adwerx’s information architecture and messaging would make things easier for both the Adwerx team and users alike. We worked closely with the Adwerx team to mindfully examine all perspectives of the user experience to understand how their visitors use the site and what information they need most to understand how they can leverage Adwerx’s solutions.

We took inventory of all of their pages and domains and worked out a plan to better organize their information. We consolidated their website and simplified their navigation, making it easier for users to get info about the service, use the platform itself, and access a hub of support resources. While some consolidation was in order, we had to create some new pages to better present information to the right users in the best way possible.

Adwerx navigation
Adwerx Resources

The new Create An Ad page provides clear descriptions for the powerful ad types supported on Adwerx’s self-service platform, leaving no room for users to question what tools they can leverage. The page also includes visual examples to give users a glimpse of the platform and its customization options. Upon the completion of the Get Started form, users are taken directly to Adwerx’s ad builder where they can create and create and deploy an ad on the spot—all without help from an Adwerx representative.

Create An Ad page leads into Adwerx's self-service platform
Adwerx’s self-service platform

The Results

Our experience working with Responsival felt like more than just a website redesign.. It gave us the opportunity to do a deeper dive into our core offerings and what our users needed to know to empower them to make the right decisions to support their business. Our site feels much more simplified and on-message.”

Year over Year growth in Users


Year over Year growth in New Users


Year over Year increase in revenue

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