What’s the deal with all the #hashtags?

November 2018
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Hashtags are an extremely useful tool on social media to get more attention to your images. People can search a hashtag to look at all of the relevant posts related to what they are interested in.  When it comes to industry hashtags, it is better to be more specific than general. Why? Because if people are genuinely interested and invested in your industry they will be looking at the specific aspects that make your company or product stand out. Responsival works hard to figure out the right hashtags and content to post in order to make your company grow. Check out our tips and a quick industry guide below to start growing your business for yourself!

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How to Decide What Hashtag to Use

There are three different types of hashtags: brand, industry, and campaign. You can use a combination of all three, but you want to make sure that you are being strategic about the hashtags that you are choosing to use.


Brand hashtags are specific for your brand. For example, Urban Outfitters uses #UonYou and All Birds uses #weareallbirds. These are ways to differentiate your brand and receive  a loyal following on social media.

group of people doing peace sign hand over a hashtag


hashtags just last a few days or a season, and are meant to create buzz around a new brand or a product.  hashtags are usually used by larger brands and in unison with brand and industry hashtags.


hashtags are industry specific, and change constantly. They get more specific as you get deeper and deeper into the industry, and are for people who are invested in learning more. The following lists are compiled of the current top hashtags for some of the biggest industries. To find these hashtags, it is good to look at competitors and influencers in your market. Also, search your industry to see what comes up and what hashtags people are following.

man in suit with an overalying graphic of marketing charts
Marketing Industry







Technology Industry









pencil, calculator, and charts

Finance Industry







Health Industry






young students using ipads in a classroom
Education Industry









Now, we know this is not a comprehensive list of all of the relevant hashtags to be using right now. However, it is a start for you to grow your online presence. If you need help deciding what hashtags to use, and where to start for your social media journey, check out our Responsival website to learn more!

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