This Man is Using Facebook Ads to Find Himself a Date -- Here’s What that Means for Your Business

July 2019
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According to eHarmony, 40% of people are using online dating and more than 20% of current relationships begin online. As Millenials are finding themselves swiping through dating apps and Gen X engages with niche-based online dating, it’s clear that the digital age is leading us down a path of nontraditional relationship formation - not only romantic relationships, but for friendships and professional networking opportunities alike. The internet is becoming integral to the way we find people to befriend and date, and it’s interesting to think about the other ways the internet can be used for forming connections. 

One of our Responsival team members recently received a Facebook Ad for ‘Get Nick a Date:’ a Pittsburgh man running facebook ads in an effort to find himself dates. While the idea may seem crazy, the experts of social media marketing Pittsburgh at Responsival find this idea ingenious. Why is this idea so groundbreaking -- and why is this important for your business? We’re here to break it down for you.

Social Ad Dating: Getting Nick a Date

How is Nick Using Facebook Ads to Get a Date


One of our team members - while scrolling through Facebook - stumbled upon a Facebook ad from the account ‘Get Nick a Date.’ The ad features a video of a man standing in his apartment introducing himself to the ad viewer. Hi, I’m Nick! I worked a lot in my twenties, just turned thirty, and realized it’s to start dating. The ad text encourages the ad viewers to send him a message, start a conversation, and go on a date with Nick.

Beneath the ad that has now been running for several months, Facebook users find comments from girls who tag their friends who may be interested in the man in the video and admiring fans alike.

If you click the link for the business page itself, you’ll find photos of Nick, videos of him talking about his hobbies, and updates about what’s going on with his life. Additionally, the page features curated video reviews of Nick from his friends that tell you why you should go on a date with Nick. Showcasing his experience on ABC’s Shark Tank and sharing pictures of his pets, Nick curates a profile for the ultimate dating page.

What does this mean for my business?

Social Media Marketing Pittsburgh Targets Your Business’s Mr. or Miss Right


While a seemingly unorthodox way to find a date, we’ve found that Nick might be onto something. The way that Facebook ads work (which also have the capability of going on Instagram) includes an extremely granular targeting process. We took a look at why our team member saw Nick’s ad and found that the ad was targeted (to some degree) at women who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. 

While this was likely just a small piece of Nick’s targeting process, using Facebook ads allows you to add in a variety of criteria for who can see your ad. Single women between the ages of 22 and 30 in the Pittsburgh area? Check. Want your date to have the same political views that you do? Check. Want your date to love HGTV, horses, and Italian food? Check. Want to exclude a potential date who uses Apple Music instead of Spotify? Can do.

Think of your business’s marketing tactics like dating. You want to target your ideal customer: someone who will be interested in your products and services. For many people, this includes geographic confines and a serious understanding of your audience and their behaviors. Unlike a TV commercial or billboard, you’re in full control of the type of people who see your ads. This allows you to optimize your budget by only reaching audiences most likely to convert -- minimizing your ad spend but maximizing your ROI.

Your Target Audience Can Get to Know You with a Single Click


Nick approached this tactic to find himself a date knowing that dating apps are not always the best tactic for finding a date. While apps like Tinder and Bumble allow you to build out a mini-profile, you only have a moment to make a first impression. However, connecting his ads to a Facebook Business page allows potential dates to continue to get to know him and follow him for more updates.

For your business, this means there is certainly value in using Facebook Ads and a business profile to complement one another. If someone is interested in your business, they can quickly and easily take a look at your latest updates and media. Additionally, the ad extends to the scope of your business page to people that may be interesting in following your business -- which, if using social media marketing correctly, shares fun and valuable content to those most interested in what you’re doing.

Much like what Nick is already doing, social media marketing is all about forming relationships. Social media allows you to highlight your brand and get in touch with potential customers. As an easy and heavily-trafficked point of communication, Facebook could be the key to helping reach new audiences that can make your business (or love life) thrive.

While Get Nick a Date may be a unique way to find a date, his tactics prove one thing to be true for your business; social media marketing Pittsburgh could be the missing key to reaching new highly-engaged audiences. If you’re looking to grow your scope, dive into social media marketing, or run Facebook ads for an upcoming promotion, get in touch with the experts of social media marketing at Responsival. As for Nick, we wish you luck!

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