Feb 2018

The Heart of Content Marketing

Figuring out what consumers want in their content is step one to being a lucrative online content marketer.

An ingenious infographic created by Content+ labels the anatomy of content marketing and where online success derives from. Figuring out what consumers want in their content is step one to being a lucrative online content marketer. According to Google Fellow, Amit Singhal, “it’s not just about content. It’s about identity, relationships and content.” Quality content is at the heart of an integrated, targeted approach to marketing.

Word of mouth

Passing information from person to person is the primary factor behind up to 50% of buying decisions. Having interesting content is in the top 3 of reasons people follow brands on social media. We’re all on social media for a reason- to read or view content. Therefore, if a brand has amazing content that people love, they will grow a large following. 6 in 10 Twitter or Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow.

Increased visibility

Just by simply placing your content somewhere that it can be found easily, you’ll likely double the amount of visitors reading your content. In fact, 55% of blogs on company sites result in 55% more visitors. So think about that the next time you want your blog to have a separate domain! Further, companies with blogs get 97% more inbound links than others and 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type of marketing. Let’s face it guys, blogs are moving up in the world.

Wider reach & more mula ($$$)

Blogs give sites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Combining more pages and more links gets you one step closer to dominating online content marketing. Not only will you take over the online world, but you’ll also bring in some serious cash. Compelling content drives successful social media campaigns. We’ve already talked about Twitter users buying from brands they follow (67% of them to be exact) but you may not have known that blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. If you haven’t caught on, blogs are a huge deal.

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