Content Marketing Tips for Better Business Growth

August 2022
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If you want to grow your business via digital marketing, content marketing is one of the best recourses you can try. Content marketing involves creating awesome content and then sharing it with the right people to get your business more exposure.

Of course, things aren’t as simple as they look. While the theory behind content marketing is pretty simple and straightforward, there are a lot of fine details that you have to get right. You have to be careful about how you research your audience, how you create your content, how you share your content, when you share it, etc.

Considering all that is involved in the whole process, we’re going to take a look at some tips at a few tips that you can follow to make the most out of your efforts.

Tips for Content Marketing

  1. Establish your audience

Before you start off any of your marketing endeavors, you should establish who your audience is going to be and what sort of people you’re going to be targeting.

With a specific audience in mind, you will be able to gear and angle your efforts in the right direction. You will be able to pick the right tone and tenor for your content and the right channel for its distribution later on.

In order to “establish” your audience, as we put it, you should determine the following factors:

  1. The age group of your audience
  2. The general geographical location of your audience
  3. The needs and demands of your audience
  4. The time and attention span of your audience

And other things like these.

  1. Pick a few techniques and work on them well

Once you are done with researching your audience, you have to move on to the actual marketing process itself. But right before you do that, follow this tip of ours.

In content marketing, there is a whole bunch of different techniques and methods that you can use. For example, you can publish blogs and other site-based content. You can also create and share info graphics or showcase your reviews/testimonials, etc.

There is a lot of stuff involved in it, and it can look somewhat easy to tackle them all.

But it’s not.

Instead of dispersing and spreading your efforts over multiple different techniques and thus watering them down, you should focus on a couple of them that you know you can pull off.

You can decide this by understanding your marketing team’s strengths and resources. For example, if you have a lot of copywriters on your team, you can utilize that and create awesome website content and catchy emails, etc. On the other hand, if you have some talented graphic designers on hand, you can go with infographics instead.

You get the idea.

  1. Don’t ditto-copy other people

While there are some general practices and activities that you have to do in conformity with the set trends of content marketing, it doesn’t mean that you should tag behind your competitors in everything they do.

Rather, you should bring creativity to your marketing efforts as to stand out and gather more attention from your audience.

For instance…

If you find that a particular competitor has published a blog on a particular topic, don’t follow them blindly and likewise publish a similar one yourself. Instead, you should study what they’ve done and look for loose ends. You should look at the things they’ve missed. Then, you should put your focus on those and give your audience something better than what your competitor is doing.

This tip holds particular application for green and rookie marketers. While you should critically analyze your competitors to see what they do to make their efforts work, you should also capitalize on the stuff they lack.

  1. Make sure the content is absolutely bonkers

You’re doing content marketing. The next company’s doing content marketing. And the next company’s doing content marketing as well.

Actually, 70% of all B2C marketers do content marketing.

The purpose of this little anaphora? To highlight the fact that there is a ton of content already available and a similar ton of content being published more and more literally by the minute.

You have to make sure that you stand out in this swarm by creating stellar-quality content. You can do that by:

  1. Researching whatever you want to write whenever you want to write it
  2. Planning ahead and making a map for the whole content creation process
  3. Maintaining grammatical perfection in your content
  4. Maintaining readability and clarity in your content
  5. Maintaining uniqueness in your content
  6. In the context of SEO, maintaining proper keyword density (as well as adhering to other content-related SEO best practices)
  1. Utilize online tools

Using online tools in content marketing can help you out a lot. The different phases in content marketing, i.e., research, writing, editing, optimizing, publishing, analyzing, etc., can all be done quickly with online tools.

To elaborate on that a bit – and while sticking to brevity at the same time – we’re going to enumerate these steps one by one, along with how online tools can be used for them.

  1. For research and planning, you can use different types of analytics, keyword researching, idea-generating, and outline-generating tools. You can use them to quickly get ideas, create outlines, formulate your keyword strategy, and much more. Think of tools like Frase and Ahrefs.
  2. For creating the content itself, you can use AI generative tools. You can use content generators to create long-form and short-form content on your particular topic. An example of such a tool is Jasper.
  3. Moving on, once the content is done and created, the next step is to optimize it. You have to do things like:
  1. Removing grammatical errors from the text
  2. Removing plagiarism
  3. Ensuring proper keyword density
  4. Eliminating readability issues

To take care of grammar issues, you can use tools like Grammar Check. On the other hand, to take care of readability issues, you can use tools like Paraphraser.

And so on.


If you want your business to grow properly with content marketing, you need to make sure that you do it right. To do that, you can get started with the tips that we’ve enumerated above.


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