How To Improve Your Site Over Time

October 2021
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data analytics for site visitors

So your site launched and it’s looking fabulous–time to sit back, enjoy this great feeling, and see the sales start to roll in, right? Not quite. Even right after your site launches, it’s a good idea to start paying attention to website data from Google Analytics so you can make informed decisions about how to help your site in the future.

Google Analytics allows you to identify how your users find you, when they visit, what pages they go to, how much time they spend on your site, and more. And while it may not be immediately clear why you would want to know all these details, web design agencies know how to compile them to identify potential growth areas for your site. 

Using Data To Make Decisions 

Going Beyond Best Practices for Web Design: Agencies Are Only the First Step

scientist in a laboratory
Think of your website as an ongoing experiment 

Websites are designed to meet a particular business’ needs and priorities. And when web design agencies create a site, they optimize the design for the best user experience possible. But ultimately, you need to make sure that your site is resonating with your customers. An agency can make predictions for what will work well, but time and data are the best ways to learn what your customers do and don’t like.

Think of your website as an ongoing experiment. You need to test different approaches to make sure that you’re getting the results that you want. It could be as simple as changing the placement of a button or as complicated as adding a new page. You have the power to make informed decisions for your site based on actual data. Combine that with the expertise of web designers like ours and they can make recommendations that can help you see results.

This doesn’t mean your site was bad when it was first built, it just means that you have more information now and can make decisions based on what you’ve learned. Not only that, but your customers’ needs may change over time. Just because something is doing well today does not mean that it will be tomorrow! Even the best sites don’t stay that way forever. 

Website Maintenance the Responsival Way 

What To Keep In Mind After You’ve Created Your Site 

computer screen showing a "Breaking News" headline
The internet is always changing: website maintenance will help you keep up. Image source: Gov Loop

At Responsival, we feel strongly that the ongoing maintenance of your site is just as important as building it well in the first place. Our Client Success Team’s primary focus is making sure you have everything you need to see results year after year. Their goal is to have an ongoing relationship with you to stay on top of the latest website trends to make sure the site that you invested in stays top-notch, no matter how the internet changes.

As your site goes on, it’s best to keep in mind that:

  • The internet is always changing, so you need to consistently update your site
  • Staying engaged with your agency after your site launches and sticking with them allows them to develop a strong familiarity with your brand leading to the strongest possible recommendations
  • Analytics may not seem approachable, but Responsival offers an add-on for a monthly report to make sure you get the data you need in an easy-to-read format
  • If you’re unsure of what to do next, talk to your Client Success Manager! They will be more than happy to get on a call with you and talk through your goals.

The main thing to remember is that you want to make sure you’re making educated decisions that will meet your customers where they are. The data from analytics and the recommendations from web design agencies will keep your website going strong even after your site has launched. Ready to create and maintain a strong digital presence? Reach out, and we’ll get started.


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