How to Get Social Media Traffic

July 2018
 minute read
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But never fear! We’ve got you covered. We can teach you how to obtain social media followers without spending a dime.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to get social media traffic
  • How to keep followers interested

Step by Step Guide To Getting Traffic and Followers

The older we get, the harder it seems to be to make friends. Fortunately, getting followers requires less innate charm and a lot more diligence. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find content that is similar to what you are writing about: Identify the keywords you are using frequently in your content. Google your most common keywords and find other posts that cover similar topics.
  2. Pick out the most popular posts on your topics: Find the most popular posts and search them on Twitter. Twitter will tell you who has been sharing the posts. Feel like a spy yet?
  3. Send those people emails or direct message them on Twitter: Send them a friendly message that goes a little something like this: “Hey Insert Name Here, I noticed you shared A, B, C articles by authors Smith and Jones. I actually have a similar article coming out soon that also covers X, Y, Z topics. Let me know if you want to check it out before it is released. Thanks, Your Name.”
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Twitter is a great source for finding people to share your content

4. Enjoy Your Responses: While not everyone you reach out to will respond, you can definitely expect responses in the double digits range. If you do receive a response, thank them and send them a link to your post with the message: “If you liked it, feel free to share it. Thanks again!”

5. Rinse and repeat: Remember, it’s a numbers game; the more people you will reach out to, the higher your success rate will be. DM as many people as possible to get your posts out in the world.

Keep Your Followers Interested

Congratulations, through direct messaging and our amazing guidance, you have accrued followers! Now what?

You need to keep them engaged with your content. Just because the courtship is over doesn’t mean that you have won their hearts forever. Here’s how to keep the passion alive with your followers.

  • Understand your followers: Without being totally creepy, track your followers on social media. When are they most active on Twitter? This could tell you what time of day you should be posting. What other content are they sharing? This could inform you what content they are interested in reading.
  • Be consistent: The trick to keeping followers interested is to post on a regular basis. That being said, you don’t want to constantly barrage your followers with subpar content for the sake of consistency.
  • Use humor: We all like to take breaks during the day with our phone, looking to be entertained for a few minutes while we drink our coffee or wait for the bus.  Humor can be a great way to break the ice and guarantee a few shares.
  • Interact with your followers: Content marketing should not be one-sided. When people respond to your posts, reply as soon as possible. If the feedback is complimentary, express your gratitude. If it’s not, try to be respectful and offer real solutions to the problems they are identifying.  Asking for responses can be scary; after all, the internet is a scary, troll-filled place.  But feedback from readers is the only way you’ll know what you’re doing right, or, more importantly, what you’re doing wrong.
  • Stay mindful: This should probably go without saying, but avoid posting anything discriminatory. If you are wondering if something is offensive, it is best to play it safe. The last thing you want to do is alienate potential followers.

If you are struggling to gain followers, you might feel like you are speaking into a void. But don’t despair!  Through a combination of hustling and networking, you can take over the world.  Or, at least, gain a consistent fanbase. And from there, who knows what you will accomplish.


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