How to Create an Award-Winning Marketing Strategy in Your Industry

August 2020
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As the world around us continues to change and evolve, companies must also learn how to adapt to these changes. Advances in digital marketing technology + content marketing strategy have already helped businesses reach their target audience in ways that were never thought to be possible a decade ago. 

But as you continue to tweak + adjust your marketing strategy, you need to take industry-specific problems + end goals into account. For instance, your content marketing strategy for a small bakery is going to look a little different than your plans for a large public university. 

That’s why top Pittsburgh marketing agency, Responsival is offering industry-specific marketing tips to help your business stand out from the competition + grow. 

Life Science + Biotechnology

Healthcare companies typically target an educated life sciences audience rather than your everyday consumer

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Most life science + biotechnology companies follow B2B, or business-to-business, models. Companies that offer advanced technology like industrial cleaners or decomposing plastic typically have a business audience. However, there are some companies that do cater to a regular consumer audience. Some skincare companies, for instance, sell products that have been created using biotechnology-derived ingredients. 

As you build your digital marketing strategy, you need to focus on:

  • Humanizing your brand by putting a face to the company through your website + social media accounts
  • Featuring your products’ innovative capabilities in videos + case studies
  • Establishing yourself as an industry leader + expert in your field to build trust between you + your audience 
  • Finding a balance between an authoritative + approachable voice on your social media platforms 

Hospitality + Service

Companies need expert marketing strategies to increase bookings in the midst of the pandemic

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The hospitality + service industry has been deeply hit by the effects of COVID-19. For a couple of months, most restaurants in the U.S. were shut down for indoor operations. Hotel reservations quickly dried up. While restaurants + hotels are slowly recovering from the pandemic’s devastating effects, they will need to take extra measures to ensure guests they are taking their safety seriously. They can do this using a number of strategies, such as:

  • Publishing any new cleaning + social distancing procedures your company is implementing on your website, social media accounts, and newsletters
  • Featuring your delivery + pick-up options in your marketing campaigns
  • Targeting local customers for staycation packages 
  • Responding to questions or concerns about your current cleaning + sanitation policies


Tech companies usually target B2B IT and software companies

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Whether your company follows a B2B model or a B2C approach, there are numerous ways you can successfully attract new customers. While technology tends to have a formal + dry brand image, that doesn’t mean your marketing strategy has to be boring. Keep things interesting + fun by: 

  • Showing customers how your technology works with entertaining + informative tutorials, demos, and infographics
  • Publishing blog posts, white papers, and guide on your company’s products + services on a regular basis
  • Nurture customer relationships with email marketing campaigns
  • Building an active LinkedIn page where you can engage with other companies in your industry
  • Avoiding too much jargon in your social media content targeted to consumers

Entertainment + Media

Most companies in the entertainment industry rely heavily on video marketing

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Thanks to the streaming wars currently being fought among some of the industry’s biggest media giants, it’s easier than ever to find a new show to binge-watch or a film to pick for your next movie night. Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are already publishing their own original series. Traditional news outlets like the New York Times + Refinery29 are also learning how to adapt to the new manners in which people consume news + entertainment. 

But while these changes are great for consumers, it presents an extra challenge to media companies looking to stand out in this ultra-competitive market. Whether you want to promote an upcoming indie project or increase subscription rates for your news site, you need to think outside the box when it comes to marketing your creations. Stay active + appealing online by:

  • Forming strategic brand partnerships with other companies looking to promote a specific product
  • Capping trailers at two minutes to avoid boring or irritating your audience
  • Releasing short trailers + graphics on social media to reach new audiences + build interest
  • Engaging with fans + audience members on social media by publishing polls, trivia questions, or other posts that still remain relevant to both their interests + your product


Most educational institutions are looking to increase their enrollment rates

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Most academic institutions use marketing campaigns to attract new students, engage with current ones, and stay connected to alumni. Choosing an academic institution is no easy task. Many prospective students consider numerous factors when deciding between your school + a competitor. You can make your institution stand out from the competition by:

  • Creating a responsive + informative website where students can learn more about you
  • Publishing video testimonials on different social media platforms from past students
  • Optimize your SEO for people searching for new schools near them online
  • Generating a regular newsletter featuring the latest news + accomplishments of your students


Social media influencers play an important role in the fashion industry

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The fashion industry is another hyper-competitive market for businesses. Not only are there hundreds of companies trying to grab the attention of different consumers, but the trends + styles are constantly changing. In order to increase your company’s brand awareness + increase sales rates, you need to step up your digital marketing game by:

  • Creating interesting + informative content such as style guides or lookbooks for customers to flip through and find inspiration from
  • Running giveaways + promotions on Instagram and/or Facebook to increase your engagement levels among your followers
  • Working with popular influencers to create a campaign around them or to post some gorgeous photos of them sporting your items
  • Launching a blog featuring fashion advice, the latest industry trends, and new products

Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Contact Pittsburgh marketing agency Responsival today to get started.


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