How Easy Integrations for Marketing Helped Us Become a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

September 2021
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Here at Responsival, we help clients of all sizes grow their brand through digital marketing. Our motto is — whatever it is, let's do it! Over the years, we’ve expanded beyond just web development to offer our clients services like email marketing, search engine optimization, and other services that are vital to growing their businesses. Our unprecedented progress has been thanks to the help and adaptability of Webflow. By using Webflow to build our clients’ sites, we have grown to be a leader in digital marketing and web development in Pittsburgh taking on both local and nationwide clients. There are so many features from Webflow that simply make life easier when it comes to marketing. Here are some of our favorite aspects of Webflow that have allowed us to scale into a full-service digital marketing agency: 

  • Visualization of CSS that allows designers who are new to the development world feel right at home with a Photoshop style Designer GUI
  • User-friendly CMS (Content Management System) for easy addition and management of content marketing
  • Fast site performance that helps rank for SEO
  • Easy to make basic updates without extensive web development knowledge
  • Ability to build landing pages quickly for marketing initiatives
  • Super easy integrations for marketing

Let’s start by first exploring how Webflow helped Responsival become a content marketing powerhouse in Pittsburgh, PA.

How Webflow’s Content Management System (CMS) Helped Simplify Content Marketing

One of the major advantages of Webflow is how easy it is to manage and collaborate on web content 

Man smiling with a computer in his lap
Webflow allows us to manage our content without getting bogged down with excessive coding. Photo courtesy of Chase Images

When it comes to using other web design platforms, like WordPress, things can get confusing quickly. Thankfully, Webflow is designed to be used easily without an extensive background in coding and web development, which is why it was an easy choice for us to choose between Webflow and WordPress. Using Webflow allowed Responsival to streamline our site creation process, whereas WordPress requires more PHP knowledge and takes more time to code. By streamlining the site creation process, Responsival has been able to become a full-service  digital marketing agency by saving time on new development projects.

Webflow has successfully taken most every CSS property and visualized it in an easy to understand way that empowers our designers, who have more a photoshop background than a development background, to make amazing, structurally sound, clean websites in no time at all. Because of Webflow’s overall ease of use, we are able to launch our projects more efficiently by combining design + dev into a single sprint. Gone are the days of design + dev living separately, we can all collaborate in real time using Webflow as the glue merging both worlds. 

How Webflow’s Exceptional Site Loading Speed Helps Rank for SEO

Webflow allows for fewer lines of code that could slow down your sites performance and weaken SEO rankings

Two women looking at their computers
When every second counts, slow page loading can hurt your marketing initiatives. Photo courtesy of Chase Images

When Responsival uses Webflow to design client sites, we know that a simplified backend is key. Webflow’s website builder tool is unlike that of any other platform. The more lines of code it takes to run the site, the longer it will take to load. Not to mention that many WordPress sites require many plugins just to function properly. The plugins required to satisfy a client’s needs will only further slow down the loading process. When your website takes longer to load, it can increase your client’s bounce rate and hurt the client’s SEO ranking. With the latest Core Algorithm Updates, web vitals, such as site speed, play a larger role in optimization. 

Not only has using Webflow prevented slow loading times for our clients, it also gives us fine level control over SEO metrics for all of our clients. In certain areas, the platform also can automatically define meta titles and descriptions, which is a huge win for SEO campaigns. Thanks to Webflow, Responsival has been creating optimized and fast websites for our clients in Pittsburgh and beyond.

How Webflow Takes the Hassle out of Updating Websites

No need for extensive web development knowledge—Webflow makes updating sites efficient and intuitive

Man looking at computer
Using Webflow helps us avoid common site issues like broken code. Photo courtesy of Chase Images

As we mentioned before, if you aren’t using Webflow to design and manage your client’s sites, it is common to end up with more lines of code and plugins than you need. The more complicated a site and the more updates it requires, the more issues you will run into as your client’s site ages. However, our agency avoids these common hang ups by using Webflow to design our sites.

Lots of digital marketing agencies also run into trouble when clients have full access to the site code. Without the proper knowledge, a client could unknowingly cause a site error that will take up lots of time and resources on both sides to correct. With Webflow, Responsival can control how clients interact with their site with the easy to use CMS, based on their case-specific needs. Without the hassle of client facing plugins, clients can add and edit content to their site without causing any downtime. This has allowed us to optimize our account management processes so we can provide better customer service in a faster, more efficient way.

WIth the help of Webflow’s CMS, blogs only take minutes to upload and publish thanks to the simple and intuitive dashboard. From the Editor dashboard, our team and our clients can easily filter or hide old content that’s no longer relevant. Another way that Webflow’s CMS helped our company grow so quickly is by allowing for client/agency collaboration without any fear of a coding mishap. Our clients can access their content in a controlled environment that is easy to use and won’t affect the site design or code.

Exploring Webflow’s Ability to Quickly Build Landing Pages for Marketing Initiatives

Webflow allows our digital marketing agency to easily generate customizable landing pages

Table of people talking at a table
With the help of Webflow, creating landing pages for clients is a breeze. Photo courtesy of Chase Images

When it comes to launching a full-service digital marketing campaign for one of our clients, we know how important landing pages are. That’s why we use Webflow CMS to quickly and easily generate landing pages that boost site traffic and SEO ranking. Need a simple landing page created for an advertising campaign? With Webflow, we can accomplish this quickly.  You can also teach your clients how to create landing pages on their own using templates in the Webflow CMS. Webflow takes a lot of the technical aspects of digital marketing and simplifies it both from a web development and client success standpoint.

How Easy Integrations for Marketing Helped Us Become a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Instead of cumbersome lines of code making site creation difficult, we opted for the wide array of integrations readily available from Webflow

Computer with a Responsival logo
Webflow has helped Responsival grow to become one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh. Photo courtesy of Chase Images

At Responsival, we like to keep things simple. We’ve found that our commitment to simplicity in web development has led us to become an effective full-service digital marketing agency. Without the help of Webflow, it would have been easy to get lost in the development side before we could even get to SEO and other areas of digital marketing. With Webflow, we are able to easily embed widgets and introduce new integrations on sites without the need for additional coding. Webflow has several integrations for many of the most important website features that will help your agency meet your client’s needs. Whether it's email marketing, analytics and targeting tools, or social management, Webflow’s ease of integration makes implementing a winning marketing strategy very easy. 

Webflow is arguably the best asset your agency hasn’t yet discovered. Their platform helped Responsival become one of the top marketing agencies in Pittsburgh, and it can help your agency too. Web design agencies know well that change is constant. After all, you need to innovate constantly to remain competitive and promote healthy growth. Using Webflow could be the next big innovation that sets your agency apart and help your business become a full service digital marketing agency.

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