Google Shopping Ads for Dummies

April 2021
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If you’re looking to expand your reach and grow your customer base, you are probably searching for what ads can give you the best return on your investment. Google Shopping Ads are a great way for businesses to display their products to prospective customers, but they aren’t for everyone. Find out what these types of ads are and if they are the right fit for you and your company. As a Pittsburgh marketing agency, we are proven successful in providing our clients with amazing returns with valuable and personalized marketing strategies. 

The Basics of Google Shopping Ads 

A Pittsburgh marketing agency takes a dive into what Google Shopping Ads are and what industries they work best for. 

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Should you be using Google Shopping Ads to find new customers?

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

First off, let’s answer what Google Shopping is before diving into advertising. This is just like the Google search engine, but now the user is comparing different products. It allows retailers to advertise their products and if a user clicks your product, it will take them directly to your website. When you set up your listing (which we will show you how to do) you will be able to include a photo, title, price, name of the retailer, and other retailer-specific information. Our marketing agency in Pittsburgh has been trained to maximize these listings and give you the best cost per purchase possible. 

Many people start off their search on Google, so it’s crucial to make sure that your business is there for these users. There is the commonly used text-based search on Google where you can use keywords and manually write ad copy. The Google Shopping feature is different from this because it does a lot of this work for you. The algorithm automatically pulls data from your site, designs ads for your products(s), and matches them with relevant search queries. 

What Types of Businesses Use Google Shopping Ads?

Since Google Shopping Ads is built for shoppers in mind, retailers will get the most out of using this type of advertising. You can promote local inventory, boost traffic to your website or store, and find better-qualified leads. Shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase on your site, which is why Google Shopping directs the user there instead of forcing them to make a purchase on the search engine. 

Why Choose Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are more beneficial to retailers because instead of using keywords, Google uses the attributes that you define to show your ads on relevant searches. Another plus is that more than one of your ads can appear for a given user’s search. Whether you are a small business or a large company, Google Shopping Ads will give you the chance to show your products at the top of the search results

Retailers will get more out of Shopping Ads than text-based ads for one main reason—consumers who are searching through image-based results show higher purchase intent. These ads have a high ROI because if a user is searching for your product, your product will show up in their results. If they are searching for something completely different, your ad will not be showing up in the search results. 

Google Shopping Ads are much easier to manage than text-based ads because they eliminate the process of bidding on keywords. Instead of the usual bidding process, Google will just assign what keywords are relevant to your product based on the product data feed. When making edits to your listings, your data feed will automatically update. 

How to Set Up Google Shopping Ads?

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Thankfully, the setup process is pretty painless when getting your Google Shopping Ads started. We’ve put together a simple ‘how to’ to get you started, but make sure to consult with our 

  1. Sign up for Merchant Center through Google 
  2. Click Growth in the navigation menu, then Manage Programs, and select Shopping Ads
  3. Add your products with tax and shipping information, you will also need to configure a shipping service in Merchant Center 
  4. Verify your website to confirm that you are the owner of the URL
  5. Link your Google Ads account and you are good to go! 

Need more help getting your ads together? Contact a Pittsburgh marketing agency like Responsival to make sure you are getting the most out of Google Shopping Ads.

There are plenty of digital platforms that you can promote your business on, but it’ll only work if your target audience is on that platform. We can make sure you are advertising on the right platforms and using them to maximize conversions. Google Shopping Ads is a profitable way to find potential customers and lead them onto your website. The service is made for retailers and Google has designed the process to make it easier than ever to optimize your listings. Contact us, a Pittsburgh marketing agency, to get your digital marketing strategy off the ground running.

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