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6 Reasons Why Your Product Page Sucks

June 2021
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product page on laptop displaying a yellow couch

There are so many reasons to think of your product page as the most important page on your ecommerce website but perhaps the only one that matters is that this is the page where your customers will convert and purchase your products. Using our Shopify marketing strategy we can see the need for a product page that does your product justice. If you’ve done all of the hard work of building a gorgeous and functional website—either on your own or with the help of a designer—the last thing you want to do is miss this opportunity to convert by having a less-than-perfect product page. 

Missing out on a sale because of a poor product page is like missing the winning point in overtime—you’re too close to not close the deal. We’ve collected six reasons why your product page may not be optimized for the kind of success you’re looking for, as well as how to use one of our favorite platforms—Shopify and their marketing tools to solve all of your e-commerce problems.

The First Rule of Shopify Marketing Strategy is to Use Gorgeous Pictures

If you’re not using high quality images—you’re not doing your product any favors

Two images of Welly Water bottles, one being held by a person and the other against a plain backdrop.

This may seem obvious but that’s why it is worth stating. High quality pictures are one of the single most important ways to communicate your product’s quality and value. Focus on showing your product from multiple angles using clean backgrounds that place your products in context. Take a look below at one of our clients, Welly Bottle, and see how they have used gorgeous photos that highlight their product.    

An important point to note is that while images should be high quality for your website, you will have to compress them for mobile use—otherwise they will dramatically slow down your load time. Check out how to compress your images here.

Your Product Description is Unclear or Too Short

In the world of ecommerce and Shopify marketing, shorter is not always better.

Product Description Graphic listing the Care Instructions (Hand wash only with soap, warm water and brush), Dimensions (10.75" H x 2.9" W), Weight (Traveler: 0.82 lb Loop Cap 3 oz), Materials (18/8 food-grade stainless steel, bamboo, BPA-free plastic, silicone)
graphic showing 3 children with the text: "Buy a bottle, build a well. By giving 1% of sales to clean water projects worldwide, we ensure access for those who need it most"

Another thing that may seem remarkably obvious is the importance of having a clear and detailed description of your product. Along with your gorgeous photos, this description is where you breathe life into your product and actually talk to your audience. Your description should be clear enough to answer most of their questions—what are the dimensions of your product—how long will it take to arrive—why should they buy this product in the first place.

In order to answer all of these questions, consider this simple phrase: Write for them, not for you. What might your customer want to know before they buy? Avoid any jargon that might push people away and give them the answers to their questions.

It’s also worth noting that your descriptions do not have to be limited to copy—you can communicate all of this information using graphics and images, as long as those images are easy to read and high resolution.

You’re Only Using Photos in Your Product Descriptions

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but you can say so much more with a video!

a hand holding a digital camera showing the photo it just took of strawberries and other food.

While high quality photos are important—as we have discussed above—the product description is an excellent opportunity to include alternate forms of media that highlight your product such as videos, interactive content, or gifs. Using these alternate forms of media encourages consumer engagement and interaction and can prove invaluable to your conversion ratio. In a white paper by Rosetta Consulting, researchers found that engaged customers are by far the most valuable customers you can have. Engaged customers buy “90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction”. Adding different forms of media to your shopify page is easy and gives you more content to work with when looking to market your products. Check out this easy guide on how to add different types of media to your page.

Your Product Page is Not Optimized for Mobile.

Over 66% of all users are connecting with the Internet using mobile devices—if you aren’t catering to them—you are missing out.

a person scrolling through the internet with their mobile phone.

As mobile technology has become more ubiquitous, it should come as no surprise that most web traffic has moved to mobile platforms. Not even five years ago, websites were not expected to be mobile friendly whereas today, it is the standard. Google has even started basing its ranking on mobile-friendliness. If your website takes too long to load, is annoying to scroll through, or makes it challenging to fill out any contact forms, it is a serious turn-off for consumers. Take some time to check out how your webpage looks on mobile and also test your site’s speed using Google Page Speed

Your Product Page is missing Clear Calls to Action (CTA’s)

One of the most important elements of ecommerce and Shopify marketing techniques is your Call to Action

a man works on a laptop

A call to action button is simple to implement and has massive results. In its most basic form, a CTA tells the site visitor what to do next. Every page should have a CTA on it that is clear, concise, and visible! Having a CTA that is hard to find or blends into the background can detrimentally affect your conversion. You should also consider accessibility when making your CTA. Focus on making the CTA a distinct, contrasting color or shade from the background in order to help those who are colorblind. Also consider that your CTA works best with text as that makes it easiest to use with a screen reader.

While making a CTA can seem daunting, remember that as is the case with most things, simplicity is usually better. Try to make your text lead with a verb such as “Add to Cart, Buy Now, or Check us Out”. Next consider the way the size and color of the CTA will differentiate it from the rest of your product page and most of all, be clear. Tell your audience what you want them to do and make sure they can see it!

The Product Name is Not Keyword Optimized

Your product name should be as descriptive as possible so you can cast the widest net possible.

product page of an adidas sneaker showing their descriptive product name "Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Wide Shoes"

As one of Pittsburgh’s top digital marketing agencies, we are constantly thinking about keywords and how they affect our clients’ rankings. Remember that each word in your title is a possible keyword that could lead a potential customer to your page. Be as descriptive as possible so that you can cast a wider net. 

For example, rather than saying “Black Men’s Tennis Shoes”, adidas looked for a  more successful product name and keyword strategy and thus named their product “LITE RACER ADAPT 3.0 WIDE SHOES”. 

By adding descriptors to the product name, adidas not only adds options for keywords and meta keywords, but they also simplifie the searching process by adding any relevant details that a consumer might be looking for.

While at first glance it may seem unclear how or why your product page is not meeting expectations, the reality is that with a clear marketing strategy—especially using a platform like Shopify and all of Shopify’s marketing tools, it is easy to optimize your product page for success.

Remember to consider your audience at every stage of the page, from making your product easy to find, to being descriptive with engaging content and media. If you do all of these things, you’re on the road to success. If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone on our team and they can help you with any problems you might have..

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