6 Business Solutions to Adjust to a Virtual World

October 2021
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2020 changed a lot about how we live. More than ever, our society is taking place online. At first, we thought these were temporary changes that would go away as the world got safer, but a recent study from Bluejeans by Verizon says that 9 out of 10 people would consider doing something virtually in 2021. People found out that a lot of convenient, originally short-term virtual business solutions have really benefited their lives. For instance, busy moms rely on grocery shopping services now and more people enjoy access to online classes that further their education and nurture their hobbies. When building or even updating your website, you should consider adding these types of solutions to your site. 

Virtual Business Solutions to Help Your Business Survive a Digital World

online scheduling service interface offering a selection of dates and times to schedule a sales call
Using online scheduling tools like Calendly is convenient both for you and your customers. Image Source: HubSpot 

All of that means that this is the time for businesses to continue to make their products and services available virtually and invest in strong, long-term virtual business solutions. Offering these convenient, accessible options is no longer just a means of survival, but an expected aspect of our new reality.

Here are some great features that you should consider when building or updating your website


Making sure your site works well for all of your potential customers is critical. Having a site that is accessible for all of your customers’ needs is now an expectation and the emphasis on accessible design will only grow as time goes on. AccessiBe helps you identify opportunities to make your site usable for all.

Virtual Scheduling Tools

These tools make it easier for your company to make and manage appointments. It reduces the time spent on these tasks to make it easier for both you and your customers. Customers are able to view your availability and make appointments themselves, which they can do on their own time. At Responsival, we’re really big fans of Calendly and use it ourselves!

Translation Features

As your virtual business expands, your range of customers may as well! Having the site available for them in the language they speak is important. There are a variety of solutions that could help you with this. A more technical possibility is WeGlot, a Google Translate embed. But you could also have someone rewrite your site content and integrate their translation as an option on the site.

Online Forms

Many people do not have home printers and, in our new remote-work environment, no longer have access to their work printers to be able to get forms that are required for them to fill out. Having digital form options - whether it’s through an online form service like Jotform or simply having a fillable PDF that they can email to you - is a great way to show people that you prioritize their convenience and provide environmentally friendly solutions. It can also make intake and form management easier for you! Yes, there are even HIPAA compliant solutions for medical providers!

Membership/Virtual Class Services

Services like Ribbon Experiences allow you to bring more complex aspects of your business like memberships and classes online. This is especially convenient for businesses in the fitness industry that can monetize online classes for their members to take from the comfort of their own homes. These services automate a lot of the experience so you can focus on giving your members great service.

E-Commerce Solutions

If you’ve been hesitant to switch to E-commerce, Shopify Lite is a great way to start off to help meet your customers’ expectations. Shopify Lite is meant for businesses with small but mighty product lists–integrating affordable e-commerce solutions into existing sites. 

Ultimately, your website needs to be a powerful resource–both for you and for your customers. Using tools like these will help you stay a top competitor in our increasingly digital world

If you have any questions about how you can add these virtual business solutions to your site, we can help!. Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your online presence in a virtual world.

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