5 Types of Emails You Need in Your Flow Campaigns

April 2021
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Are you looking to gain new customers from a drip campaign, automation, or flow? Whatever term you decide to use, these email campaigns are crucial to reaching out to new customers and building a strong relationship with them. Here at Responsival, we are a Pittsburgh marketing agency that has grown into an expert in email marketing. We have put together 5 emails you need in your flow to take your campaign to the next level. 

5 Emails That Can Increase Return on Your Email Campaigns

Establish your brand and customer relationships via email with advice from a top Pittsburgh agency

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Create returning customers with your email marketing.
  1. Founder’s Note Email

When a person opts in to your business’s emails, it’s a good idea to welcome them to the family with an initial “hello” email. You can easily track these analytics and design incredible emails with help from Responsival As a marketing agency, we can help you track these analytics and advise you on valuable next steps. The customer is excited and ready to see what the company has to offer, so show off your most interesting products or services. If you are looking to create an email that is a little bit more personal, add a founder’s note. 

A founder’s note could be a story of the birth of the company, the founder’s inspirational experience, or something else entirely up to you. Think about the overall tone of the email, you don’t want it to come across as pretentious or an email for your founder just to speak about themselves. This can give insight into the direction of the company and make the reader feel more connected to the brand. 

  1. Abandoned Cart Emails

Did you know that 60-80% of carts are abandoned at online stores before the customer completes the sale? There is a lot of potential for your business to grow by targeting these users with emails that can draw them back to finishing up the process. When a customer leaves their cart behind, it’s not always because they didn’t want to purchase your product. They could have been distracted, there were technical issues, or the process was too complicated. Sending them an email that is simple and to the point can reenergize them to visit your site again.

  1. Product Recommendation Emails

Potential or returning customers may be browsing your website with no clue what they are looking for and could need a little push in the right direction -- by push, we mean an email. Recommendation emails have been successful in producing a 300% increase in click-through rates and can boost the average order value on your site. If they are a new customer or email subscriber, start off by sending them an email with your bestsellers. Once you gather more data on their searches, you can give them more detailed suggestions and recommendations. 

A new season is also a good time to send out some new recommendations. For example, the winter holidays. Many people are searching for loads of presents to give out to friends and family but quickly run out of ideas. Send your customers the top winter gifts, decorations, or products that you have to offer. This makes it easy for the customer to choose you for their holiday shopping.

  1. Discount or Referral Emails

Give your customers a reason to open your emails by adding something for them inside. A 10% off coupon just for your email list can not only increase your sales and email open rates, but it can also make the customer feel special. Referral emails are another way for your business to not only increase sales and open rates but to also add new subscribers or customers to your company.

Referral emails are sent to your existing customers and provide them with an incentive to invite their friends or family to make a purchase at your online shop. This is an amazing way to promote your business with word of mouth and without having to pay the price of an influencer marketing campaign. You can give both the existing customers and new customers coupons for their next orders to entice them to continue the referral process. 

  1. Customer Appreciation Emails

A customer will return to a company that makes them feel valued, which can be done in the form of a customer appreciation email. A well-written email expressing the worth of your customers will go a long way and can be just as simple as a “thank you.” When crafting the message of this email, humanize the company and break down the walls as most as you can. A stiff email will send the wrong message and could turn your campaign upside down. Be genuine, grateful, and personalize the email for each customer. Offer the response of your customers so that they can reply, give their feedback, and feel heard. 

An email marketing campaign can only be as good as the emails that are included. As a leasing marketing agency, we have conducted research and performed successful campaigns that create digital presences that work just as hard as our clients. Contact us to get started on your digital marketing

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