5 Innovative Facebook and Instagram Ad Trends

April 2021
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Are you looking for fresh ideas to get more returns on your Facebook or Instagram advertisements? With so many companies taking a dive into the digital world, you and your company need to stand out from the crowd with really great visuals and messages. As a Pittsburgh marketing agency, we are aware of trends in the industry and have compiled a list of 5 Facebook and Instagram advertising trends that you should be taking into consideration when developing your next marketing campaign. 

5 Concepts from a Pittsburgh Marketing Agency for Your Next Advertisement

  1. Loosen Up on the Grammar

If your target audiences are Millennials or Gen Z, then you don’t feel the need to use “proper” and stuffy language. When targeting young audiences like these, it’s a great idea to experiment by writing messages and captions in ways that the audience would speak in. Using current lingo or trends can reflect the target audience and give them a connection to your brand. Working on building your business and staying up to date on the newest trends can sound like a lot, so this is something that our Pittsburgh marketing agency stays current on so you don’t have to. 

This definitely does not mean that all grammar rules are out the window and above all, you should always be considering your brand voice in any advertisement. If it feels off-brand to use casual slang, don’t force it -- this could have the opposite effect on your advertisement. Relaxing your grammar as an already laid-back brand is bound to bring you results. 

  1. Use Videos When Possible
person holding a phone and recording other people
Giving a visual of your product or service can be one of the best ways to enhance your advertisement. 

It’s recently been a common trend in marketing to see videos give better results than photos or pure text, and this is nowhere near over. Did you know that there are 8 billion video views on Facebook daily? Yes, billions of views. With TikTok on the rise, short-form videos and content have taken the digital world by storm on all social media platforms and have become the medium of choice for advertisers and consumers. 

Using a video allows you to give a demonstration of your products with many different options on Facebook to keep your audience engaged. When designing your video advertisement, remember that most viewers will be watching your video with no sound, and always think about keeping your target audience in mind first. Consider what kind of videos they would enjoy and what platforms they would be watching them on. 

  1. Focus on Instagram’s Shop Feature

If you’re an Instagram user, you have probably noticed how much Instagram is pushing its new shopping feature on its platform. With the introduction of Instagram Shop, users are able to view shops, clothing, accessories, and more that are all catered to them through the Instagram algorithm. To advertise your e-commerce business while also utilizing videos, use Instagram’s Shoppable Instagram Reels. 

Accounts and creators are able to tag products directly on their reel, where viewers can then explore or purchase products directly. Whether you are creating an Instagram reel for your advertisement, paying a content creator to promote your brand through their Shoppable Instagram Reel, or both, it’s an amazing way to take advantage of Instagram’s new features to promote your business. 

  1. Take Your Customer’s Testimonials and Turn Them into Ads

There is nothing better than customer’s doing the talking for your company. People love to hear real-life testimonials and applications of products, which makes it perfect for an advertisement. Get in touch with your happy customers and ask them to film themselves with their smartphone, it doesn’t need to be an entire production. 

When potential customers are searching for reviews, they aren’t hoping for highly produced content. Showing viewers your customers that are genuinely interested and pleased with your company is all that they will need to shop your store. If you can’t find customers to submit videos for you, ask them for a quote that you can design a graphic with. We love to hear what our clients have to say about using our Pittsburgh marketing agency and then posting it on our social media for our followers and viewers to see! 

  1. Discover Augmented Reality Ads
person using augmented reality on their phone to see a piece of furniture in their room
Your potential customer can use augmented reality to see what your product will look like before ordering online or in-store.

Augmented reality, or AR, allows users to experiment with your product directly through your ad. For example, a sunglasses company can create an AR Ad on Instagram for users to try on their sunglasses using Instagram’s camera. This is also valuable for furniture companies to use so there are fewer returns and people can see what a piece would look like right in their home. Users can take photos of themselves in your product, see if they enjoy the look, and even post the photo onto their Instagram story. More and more companies are adopting this type of marketing strategy because people can try out your products in the comfort of their own homes. 

Following trends and jumping onto new Facebook and Marketing trends can grow your business and increase the return on your advertisements. As a Pittsburgh marketing agency, we can assist you in developing these campaigns and designing innovative, game-changing content. Contact us today to get started

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