5 Ideas to Take Your Website Assets from Zero to Hero

October 2021
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When you look at your favorite websites, what are some things that really stand out to you as making it great? Sure the layout and fonts help, but there’s a strong chance your answer included something along the lines of photos, videos, or strong graphic design elements. This is what we refer to as website assets—and having plenty of them can make a strong impact on both your website and marketing!

Why do website assets matter?

Adding strong visual assets to your website can keep your users engaged for longer. 

closed black book with embossed cover on a table
Website visitors absolutely do judge a book by its cover

A 2012 research study by Google on aesthetic judgements showed that people make judgments about sites within 17-50ms—largely based on how a site looks. Since these judgments are happening so quickly, people obviously aren’t always reading content before deciding how they feel, so it’s important to catch their attention with great visuals. 

None of this is to say that the content on your site doesn’t matter—it absolutely does. However, the modern take on Bill Gates’ famous line “Content is King” is that this includes visual content as well. It’s about finding a balance between getting people the information they need while also making an engaging, visually appealing site. As a web design agency, we strive to make sure all of our sites find this balance between strong written content and visually appealing design content, but having the right assets plays a big part in what we can do.

Taking your website assets to the next level

ice cream store website with their About Section sitting above a photo of three cups of ice cream
Investing in high quality product photos can help set your site apart. Image source: TipsyScoop

If you want to make your site stand out from the crowd, investing in top-quality assets is key. Not every company needs the same type of visuals, but it helps to set your site apart and establish your brand. As a client, here are some ways you can make sure your site has great assets:

High-quality photos of your company

Buying stock photos is a great option, but photos of your product, service, or team make a stronger impression because it is far more personal. This also puts more control in your hands for what the photos actually look like to make sure it’s consistent with the identity you want to create for your brand online. The images you choose can make or break your website quality. If you don’t have these photos already, it is worth partnering with a professional photographer for even just a session or two to get a bundle of strong photos that you can have in your arsenal.

Short, visually focused videos.

A great way to grab people’s attention right away are short videos like one on Explico Engineering’s website. There’s no sound, but it makes a huge statement visually and gives you a great idea of what their company is from the get go.

Longer, informative videos

Since the pandemic, there’s been a huge increase in long form videos. Having a handful of longer videos is a great way to share important information with potential clients in a more engaging way. Some people like reading content on a site, but you want to make sure you’re reaching everyone, regardless of their preferred way to consume information. If possible, it’s worth considering working with a videographer to make a few high quality videos that will set the tone for how people view your company.

High-quality Logos

A high-quality logo design—meaning one that isn’t pixelated, outdated, or grainy—can make or break how people view your brand. If your logo isn’t looking it’s best, it may be time for a new one or to simply have better quality versions of the current design created. 

Fun graphics

Breaking up your site’s content with graphics, both large and small, is a great way to make your site more digestible for your potential customers. 65% of people are visual learners, so in some cases, this isn’t just an aesthetic improvement, it also is helpful for some people to get key information about your company. 

If you don’t have these website assets, don’t worry—we can help! We have graphic design solutions to make sure your company can make the strongest website possible. Contact us today to see how we can help you take your website assets from zero to hero.

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