4 Reasons Your Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts

April 2021
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If your online business is struggling with conversions and just can’t figure out the solution, our responsive web design agency has uncovered 4 reasons why customers abandon their carts and how to solve these problems. It’s clear that there are people interested in your products and who are looking to make that purchase, but it means nothing if they do not complete the transaction. Uncover the main reasons for abandoned carts and how you can make sure your visitors are checking out at your virtual shop. 

4 Reasons Your Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts and How to Fix It 

As an expert responsive web design agency, we will guide you through gaining more customers and building your community. 

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Why are people abandoning their carts on your website? Find how to turn them into customers. 
  1. They Are Forced to Create an Account

As an online business, you know that customers are more likely to make repeat purchases after creating accounts. It allows you to build a relationship with them by sending them sales, coupons, and updates through their email. On the other hand, customers don’t always want to create that account during their first purchase. One option is to let them complete their first check-out and then ask them to create an account or profile with your company. Our team at our responsive web design agency will guide you through developing this to be as stress-free as possible for your customers.

When designing the account creation process, make it as easy as possible for the user. If the customer is making the account after the purchase, you will already have their name, email, shipping address, and other details -- which means you only need them to come up with a password. Some people may only be willing to sign up if there is something in it for them. Offer a discount on their next order, let them access their tracking information, or give them exclusive access to new products if they create their account. 

  1. It is Confusing Checkout Process

To go along with simple account creation, the customer also wants an easy checkout process. Most people are searching for short terms and conditions, straightforward steps, and giving only the information the store really needs. Sometimes shops can get carried away with gathering as much data as possible about their potential customers, but it can make the customer feel overwhelmed. Think through how you will be using the data you are collecting and determine what fields you want and need to include. 

If there is information that you consider nice to have but not necessary, there is still a way to collect that data. Add the field at the end of the process and make sure it is optional for the user to answer or not. This will let the customer decide if they feel comfortable giving your business that information without stopping them from completing the purchase. 

  1. The Shipping Costs Are Too High

The number one reason customers abandon carts is that they find the shipping costs to be too high. There could be extra fees or large shipping costs that customers may not be able to see until one of the final steps of the checkout process, where they decide to give up on the purchase. Our responsive web design agency understands that this doesn’t always have a quick and easy solution, but it is something to consider trying to reduce as much as possible.

Consider offering free delivery and adding the cost to the prices of your products or a calculator that lets the customer estimate what the shipping fees will be to their zip code. 

  1. It is a Poor Website Experience 

Although the customer makes it all the way to the checkout page of your website, it doesn’t mean that this was the exact problem that made them leave their cart. In some cases, this is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. What we mean by that is that poor site navigation can turn a customer off from making a purchase on your site. Is it difficult to find certain products or categories on your website? Can the customer easily search for specific products or services? To be blunt, the customer will not always go into a deep search to find the information they want from you. They may just end up going to a competitor’s website because the experience is better for them.

Abandoned carts are something no online business wants to see and thankfully, there are solutions. Sending emails to customers that abandon their carts is one way to convince them to complete the purchase, but there are ways to make the checkout easier so that they are never abandoning their cart again. Contact us, a responsive web design agency, to assist you in creating a user-friendly website that will grow your business.


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