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Samantha Sonnet


Samantha Sonnet

's Internship Project

Samantha chose to study TOMS for her semester-long marketing assessment. She focused on how spreading their values could attract new customers. Samantha also created a brand campaign to go along with her recommendations.

Q:  How’d you get here?

I just recently completed my sophomore year at Washington & Jefferson College pursuing a degree with a Studio Art major and minors in both Communication Arts and Spanish, and I was looking for a creative internship for the summer. I am interested in working with graphic design upon my graduation in 2022, and I believe Responsival is a great fit to help me learn the skills I would need to attain this goal. I grew up in Canonsburg, and graduated from Canon-McMillan High School in 2018.

Q:  Favorite project with Responsival?

I started my internship recently, so I am looking forward to the projects I will work on throughout my time here.

Q:  What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by my mom, who was a commercial artist after she graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has been my main inspiration behind my desire to pursue a degree in the arts. I have always had a passion for the fine arts, but recently my Communication Arts Professors have helped me to become greatly interested in graphic design.

Q:  What do you listen to while you work?

Q:  What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am a member of both W&J's collegiate Volleyball and Track & Field teams. I am a Right Side Hitter for volleyball and I have been playing for 8 years. I am a new member of the Track & Field team, and my events are shot put and weight throw.

Q:  Is a hotdog a sandwich?

A hot dog is definitely not a sandwich! I believe they belong in their own special category.

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