Dana Markwardt

Dana Markwardt

Director of UX/UI Design



Q:  How’d you get here?

I took an interest in interface design during my undergraduate studies at Slippery Rock University after various design and communication courses. Following my internship, I was introduced to the folks at Responsival and was the first designer on staff. I had grown so much in my first design role, however, I decided to leave the company for a few years as I earned my MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and simultaneously accepted a position as a UX/UI Designer for a larger ecommerce organization. I was eager to learn the mechanics of experience design, designing with intention for customers, working on behalf of many internal stakeholders, prototyping, design systems, testing, and analytics. When my graduate studies came to an end, I found myself craving the culture and client relationships that Responsival had offered previously and was welcomed back with open arms. I look forward to waking up everyday and having the opportunity to offer my skills for the benefit of smaller businesses and am glad my path led me back to Responsival.

Q:  Favorite project with Responsival?

I've worked on pieces of our own brand redesign in the past, but recently had the opportunity to take on the process once again. There's something about reinventing and improving upon our own presence that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Q:  What inspires your work?

I find inspiration in reading and keeping updated on the emerging ideas and theory in my field, more specifically from my daily dose of, as well as the community of design thought leaders on

Q:  What do you listen to while you work?

Q:  What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work I try to get outside when I can whether it's walking Beric (our dog), meeting friends for a brunch and shopping stroll through Lawrenceville, or camping and hiking for the weekend.

Q:  Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Who cares, they're better battered with cornbread on a stick. I believe that is their true form.

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