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Camryn Whitehead


Camryn Whitehead

's Internship Project

Q:  How’d you get here?

I found Responsival simply by surfing the internet in need of finding a Digital Marketing Internship. While doing some research, and checking out Responsival's website, and social media it made me apply and want to be part of the team this summer.

Q:  Favorite project with Responsival?

Q:  What inspires your work?

Something that inspires my work is understanding that technology is constantly evolving and continue to advance and eventually will be behind every companies marketing program. I feel like digital marketing is a fun and creative opportunity to work along side a businesses or several businesses and help increase their brand image.

Q:  What do you listen to while you work?

Q:  What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work I like to workout, I enjoy being outside and doing activities on the water. Whether it is jet skiing or wake surfing, or just hanging around by the pool I like to be outside and enjoy hanging with friends and family.

Q:  Is a hotdog a sandwich?

I think a hot dog is a sandwich because to me anything is a sandwich that has 2 buns and something in the middle. So yes, a hot dog is a sandwich because there is 2 buns and a hot dog in the middle.

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