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Custom software can cost a fortune without a proper plan. Learn More about our award-winning process that can take your ideas and turn them into reality without breaking the bank.

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our software process & strategy

If you're looking to develop new software, we'll recommend using either a 3rd party or building from scratch -- or maybe a mixture of both. That's what true software development is all about, and we have the experience to ensure you'll be innovative at an affordable cost.

need us to inherit your code base?

Have a project you need a fresh set of eyes on and want us to inherit your code base? Our Full Stack engineers are skilled in everything from Java all the way to the latest Javascript.

Languages and stacks we are familiar with include: JAVA, C, PHP, Mondo, Node.js, HTML/CSS, javascript, Ruby, Angular, SWIFT, Objective C and more ...

It's all about the upfront

We've seen so many software projects fail because they get off on the wrong foot. Our process ensures the creation of software that is user-friendly and streamlines your processes.

Concept & UX
Development & QA
Soft Launch

concept & Ux

Before any complex software project can begin, requirements need to be gathered in order to project scope and timeline. Our concept and UX phase accomplish this and has proven to save up to 85% of time and cost associated.


Once concept and UX are approved, you'll want to get a feel of how everything behaves before spending quality time on design and development. We protoype all software so that you can share with your team and testers.


Once you have a product you are confident that you want to invest in via a protoype, the design process begins, where we turn your wireframe into a beautiful mockups that the development team needs to match.

development & QA

Once design is approved and signed off on, development begins. Since the dev team has a clear plan in place because of the upfront work completed, you save on expensive development costs since we are only working on things that have already been approved.

soft launch

Upon development and QA completion, we recommend soft launching your product to a select group of users in order to get it tested by an even larger audience. At this point we tweak any final bugs and make any necessary enhancements in order to launch.


Upon launch and driving users to your software, it will reveal data that we can analyze to take your project to the next level by fixing any bugs that may occur at scale but also optimizing user journeys that are discovered via our different analytical tactics.

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