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fully functional apps

Ensuring your app is fully-functional and not just a skimmed down version of your website is critical so that your most loyal users find true value. If you're an "app-only" company, you'll want to ensure your product roadmap is powered and prioritized by real user feedback.

app engagement strategy

Just because we've launched you a beautiful app doesn't mean it'll actually get used. Having an engagement strategy as part of your app build-out is essential to success. The first time user experience can make or break you and every touch point, from texting to push notifications should be well thought out and treated like gold to ensure optimal engagement.

Did you know that 82% of apps get deleted within the first few days of installing? That means the first time user experience (FTUE) is critical to ensuring repeat engagement.

years of app experience

We've launched apps for some of the world's largest brands, so we've got an amazing process that ensures your app will get 5 star reviews and lots of happy users.

Concept Validation
UX & Design

concept validation

Building an app requires a lot of work, especially because of native components, complying with strict rules from Apple and Google and the specialized development needed. That's why it's so important to nail down the concept of your app before investing heavily into any development.


Once concept is approved, you can begin the prototyping process to fully vet our your entire scope and share it with prospective users to ensure proper usability and functionality required to achieve a successful product.


Design begins once you are 100% sure of your scope and all the intricacies of your functionality. Designing for an app is much different than the web because of strict operating system rules and the integration with native mobile functionality that enhances the experience.

native development

The most successful apps are built using the native code bases recommended by the operating system, because it provides a fluid and fast. Doing this requires very specialized work and experience that is Apple or Google specific.

javascript development

For those that need a quicker entry into the app game and don't need to necessarily rely on a completely native code base, there are javascript hybrid frameworks that allow you to build the majority of your app and deploy it to both the iOS and Google Play app stores.

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