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JETT Publishing

JETT Publishing produces books + curricula designed to prevent reading failure in children with dyslexia. JETT Publishing’s Pittsburg, KS based author, Dr. David P. Hurford, is a research scientist who has studied dyslexia for over 30 years. Dr. Hurford used his years of teaching + research to design the Secret Codes, a reading curriculum based on the Science of Reading. The Secret Codes is targeted toward both kindergartners + children at risk for reading failure. 

In November 2017, we partnered with JETT Publishing to establish its digital presence. We built a website using Webflow that featured Dr. Hurford’s books + curricula. New customers can now purchase JETT Publishing books and learn more about its specialized curricula. To attract new customers within JETT’s target market, we also launched a content marketing strategy + created new accounts for viewers to peruse.

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