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The X Shadyside Rebrand

When a local fitness facility no longer aligned with its audience, Responsival helped create a more inclusive + supportive brand.


Meet X Shadyside

Located just one block from Responsival’s very first office, X Shadyside is a family-owned boutique gym in the heart of Shadyside—an affluent neighborhood in Pittsburgh. In addition to classic gym amenities like cardio, machines, and free weights, X Shadyside offers unlimited free classes to its members in an accepting, improvement-based atmosphere.

Our partnership began in September of 2016 when we built the gym a brand new website. We’ve since expanded our partnership with the team at X Shadyside by adding a content strategy, social media management, and social media advertising onto their monthly service plan.

The X Shadyside Rebrand

The Challenge

X Shadyside’s original website was designed to reflect the feel of a high-end, elite gym. Our designers used deep, masculine colors and a sleek design to portray the overall feel of the gym. As time went on, X Shadyside felt like the website no longer represented their values + clientele. X Shadyside was ready to switch its image to more accepting and family-friendly — and Responsival was ready to help them do it.

Our Mission

Redesign + rebrand the website to appeal to a larger client base
Appeal to a wider audience while maintaining a high-end feel
Develop an effective marketing strategy that spans across social media
The X Shadyside Rebrand

What We Did

Our process began by putting our heads together to envision the new brand. X Shadyside wanted to hold its place as a high-end gym in the area but wanted the brand to be more inclusive + supportive of every client — no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Playing off the ‘X’ in X Shadyside, our team decided that ‘X’ marks the spot: the spot where you begin to transform into a better version of yourself. With this, X Shadyside’s core message—Everyone starts somewhere. Start here—was born.

From there, our team designed a website that paired bold tones and design choices with a supportive, inspiring message. In this modern design, we streamlined navigation, created an improved calendar for classes, and added on-page effects that look great on both desktop and mobile devices. Once all was said and done, X Shadyside had a website that was primed for online promotion and ready to foster the gym’s growing fitness community.


From the Responsival Team

Like a handful of our clients, X Shadyside holds a special place in our hearts. Our first office space—known as ‘the Loft’—is located two blocks from X Shadyside. In Responsival’s early days, our CEO Bryan slept on an air mattress on the floor of the loft while renovating it into a functional space: building websites by day, installing drywall by night. Bryan exercised (and showered) at X Shadyside during this time and eventually approached the owners about building their first Responsival website. They eventually agreed—and the rest is history.

The X Shadyside Rebrand