InMotion’s Sounds of Summer Campaign

Hyper-targeted ads designed to promote sales + long-term growth for a worldwide airport retailer


If you’ve ever walked around an airport in the United States, chances are that you’ve stumbled upon our friends at InMotion. As the largest airport-based electronic retailer in the United States — that has now branched into 3 difference continents — InMotion brings top-rated tech + travel must-haves to travelers across the globe. We teamed up with InMotion in February of 2017 to innovate the brand’s online presence. Since then, Responsival has created three different versions of InMotion’s website, an airport locations hub, a successful content strategy, and online receipt retrieval system. In a partnership that continues to grow, we’re constantly on the hunt for ways to take InMotion to the next level.

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The Challenge

The summer months are among the busiest for airports as families gear up for vacation. InMotion wanted to use social media ads to capitalize on this influx of travelers and drive more foot traffic into their stores. However, it’s not always easy to keep track of foot traffic or continue to market to these customers after they drop-in at your store — especially if your social media ads are not designed properly.

Tech partners


Goal #1

Show Twitter + Facebook ads to travelers within the airport

Goal #2

Drive foot traffic into the stores while encouraging a purchase

Goal #3

Grow InMotion’s email newsletter mailing list

What We Did

  • Designed ‘sounds of summer’ graphics for organic and paid social
  • Targeting on Facebook and Twitter ads
  • Created landing page on the website for email signups
  • Email logic to get a unique discount code to use in store within 5 minutes
  • 6700+ emails added to mailing list, so please with results that they doubled the initial budget

The results


Emails added to their mailing list



It’s always exciting to offer long term clients a fun and effective campaign to boost significant growth. This campaign showed the unique success possible with hyper-localized targeting. The coupon offer allowed us to show a direct connection and metric of success to the physical store locations. This strategy can be duplicated again and again for new markets, new specials, specific events and more.

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