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Heinz Chapel’s Digital Update

Harnessing the power of CMS + responsive design to make a more user-friendly experience from the inside out.


Meet Heinz Chapel

Named after the beloved Pittsburgh condiment family, Heinz Chapel is a nondenominational chapel located in the heart of Pitt’s campus. Boasting Gothic architecture, hidden stairwells, and some of the tallest stained-glass windows in the world, Heinz Chapel is a place to be marveled. 

Heinz Chapel is home to more than 1,000 events every year, including weddings, baptisms, university celebrations, musical events, and more. We teamed up with Heinz Chapel in January of 2019 to bring the chapel’s website into the 21st century and couldn’t be more proud of the results—check it out.

Heinz Chapel’s Digital Update

The Challenge

As a building affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh, Heinz Chapel’s website was originally created by the university’s IT department. Over time, the outdated + unresponsive website that included glitchy calendar embeds and poor navigation needed a major overhaul. As a lower priority than academic departments, though, Heinz Chapel was unable to make the updates they needed to thrive. Responsival was tasked with creating a modern + user-friendly site that supported Heinz Chapel’s ongoing initiatives: streamlined event booking, simple navigation, and an easy-to-edit CMS.

Our Mission

Design a modern website that merges the branding of Heinz Chapel + Pitt
Build a user-friendly event calendar for online reservations
Create a CMS that Heinz Chapel staff can easily update + edit
Provide the fast, timely service that Pitt’s IT department is too busy to handle
Heinz Chapel’s Digital Update

What We Did

Our website redesign process begins with a marketing audit. We dove into an in-depth analysis of the existing website + online strategy, identifying areas for improvement. Our team decided to create a modern + simplistic site for the beloved chapel that showcases its breathtaking beauty and rich history. 

A long-running myth about Heinz Chapel is that there is a 2+ year waiting list for weddings. The staff at heinz Chapel wanted to create a user-friendly calendar with a streamlined reservation process. More importantly, they wanted this calendar to be easy to edit. We backed their new calendar with a custom-made CMS that allowed for easy input of special events and booking dates. Now it’s easier than ever for Heinz Chapel to share its services, book events, and keep tabs on the website backend.


Client Testimonial

“A clean, uncluttered look and ease of navigation were priorities in our website update and we think we got that in spades. The Responsival team were just that, responsive to our every request (and we had plenty of them!) no matter how picky and on top of that, always cheerful and professional. Great to work with, and the Pitt connection was a plus”

Heinz Chapel’s Digital Update