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Cookie DŌ': From Goldbelly to Bellies Across the United States

Helping a NYC-based client reach a nationwide audience with custom e-commerce + shipping solutions


Meet Cookie DŌ

Making serious waves in the Big Apple is one of our sweetest clients, Cookie DŌ. Founded by midwesterner Kristen Tomlan, Cookie DŌ brings the rich + indulgent flavors of safe-to-eat cookie dough to New Yorkers and people all across the United States. Responsival teamed up with Cookie DŌ in October of 2018 to share their sweet selections with people far and wide — here’s how we did it.

Cookie DŌ': From Goldbelly to Bellies Across the US

The Problem

After a great amount of success + popularity in the United States, Cookie DŌ was ready to grow. They knew this started with ramping up their website, but needed our expertise to figure out how they could make the biggest difference. At the time, Cookie DŌ was exclusively using Goldbelly—a third-party platform that allows small businesses to ship nationwide—for online sales. In order to maintain strong margins on nationwide shipping, Cookie DŌ wanted to bring online ordering onto its own site.

But a major problem persisted; shipping perishable items across the United States isn’t easy. Delivery processes need to ensure that the dough would arrive soon enough that it is chilled and safe to consume. Cookie DŌ turned to Responsival to find a solution for shipping logistics that would make deliveries timely, efficient, and would ensure that the dough arrived cold + ready to eat.

Our Mission

Build a space on DŌ’s website where online sales can occur
Develop an e-commerce tool that is more interactive + intuitive than Goldbelly
Establish an order management system that streamlines complex shipping logistics
Create an email confirmation strategy for online orders
Maybe (just maybe) try out some cookie DŌ along the way
Cookie DŌ': From Goldbelly to Bellies Across the US

What We Did

In an effort to create an e-commerce solution that catered to Cookie DŌ’s unique needs, we started by building out an entirely custom e-commerce interface. This creates an interactive experience for shoppers looking to create their own 6 pack with a variety of flavors — and even allows them to sort by dietary restriction.

Next, it was time to establish advanced shipping logistics. Responsival created an automated zip code directory that adjusts to shipping delays caused by weekends, the time of day the order was completed, and the type of shipping used. This system calculates precise shipping and delivery dates that are then communicated to the customer using an automated personalized email. With this, Cookie DŌ is able to reach customers nationwide while ensuring that their dough arrives cold, safe to eat, and ready to enjoy.


From the Responsival Team

After all was said and done, we still had one mission left to accomplish: taste some dough for ourselves. A team member’s birthday was the perfect opportunity to try out the new shipping logistics. Our box of DŌ arrived at the office perfectly chilled and on-time, providing our team with a sweet mid-week surprise.

Cookie DŌ': From Goldbelly to Bellies Across the US