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Austin Jam Company

Austin Jam Company is a charming Austin-based store known for its fresh and inventive jam batches. What started out as a personal obsession for jam soon turned into a booming business for owner Kelsey Schmertz. Now, customers around the country shop online or visit the company’s local partners to enjoy Kelsey’s flavorful and interesting jams.

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Showcasing Unique Products 

Austin Jam Company’s founder, Kelsey, came to us to let us know that, as part of her company’s growth, her methods for sourcing her produce had changed and she wanted to be sure that this was reflected on her site. The problem was that each jam’s accolades were now different - not all of the produce was local, but she still wanted to highlight the products that were completely locally sourced and showcase other great factors about each product as well. We stepped in with an update to her product pages that allowed her to highlight each product’s unique attributes, and allowed her customers to make informed decisions regarding allergen + dietary information.

Tech partners

Webflow, Shopify


Web Development, UX/UI Design

Custom Labeling

We noticed that, in addition to the fix that Kelsey had come to us with, there was an opportunity to use this moment to help people with allergies and dietary restrictions get the information they need about her products. We developed a labeling system that would be fully customizable for each product in addition to covering key topics for allergens and diet. This system, using the existing CMS structure as a base, would allow these labels to be updated consistently should anything change.

Layout Strategy

We also evaluated the impact that this addition would have on the user journey while they were on the product page. We wanted this to be a helpful tool, not something distracting that would make it harder to place an order. We created several possible layouts and discussed the benefits of each and how they would impact the user before reaching a final decision on what the best layout would be.

The results

Customized Solutions 

Our partnership with Austin Jam Company allowed us to flex our creative muscles as we worked to help them design the site that would truly meet the unique needs of both their business and their customers. At Responsival, we are committed to working with our clients to create customized solutions and offer personalized recommendations.

Caitlin proactively reached out to me to brainstorm site updates before the holiday season. I told her what I had in mind and she quickly and efficiently helped make it happen! The updates are going to be so impactful as we get into my busy season. - Kelsey Schmertz

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